The Rings of Power’s two trees are a significant creation for the Lord of the Rings canon

Irrespective of its status as a prequel, Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Electric power nonetheless has loads to educate us about the background of Middle-earth, or at the very least its variation of that background. Whilst the show’s most current episode addresses several different bases, potentially its most intriguing has to do with the record of mithril, a famous elf, and the Misty Mountains themselves.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 5, “Partings.”]

Episode 5’s glimpse into Center-earth’s earlier came all through this episode’s dialogue involving Significant King Gil-Galad and Elrond. When Elrond refused to expose data he acquired from Durin — thanks to his oath previous episode — Gil-Galad asked him to recount The Song of the Roots of Hithaeglir.

Elrond describes the poem as depicting a struggle concerning a pure-hearted elf warrior and a balrog of Moria over a attractive tree at the prime of the Misty Mountains. In accordance to the legend the tree was assumed to include 1 of the misplaced Silmarils, a set of gems in excess of which the war with Morgoth was fought.

In an attempt to retain the tree pure, the elf poured his mild into it, though the balrog tried to corrupt it with its possess evil and darkness. In the midst of this struggle, the tree was struck by lightning, and its essence seeped deep into the Misty Mountains below and fashioned mithril.

Of course, until Durin and his folks uncovered the mythical stone below their halls in Khazad-dûm, no a single knew for guaranteed that mithril was serious, but it appears Gil-Galad experienced usually suspected it, and was holding out hope that it could be mined.

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But why is mithril so vital to the Elves? Because, seemingly, of a further tree. Just after detailing the origins of mithril, Gil-Galad shows Elrond about to one more tree, one particular that’s bit by bit succumbing to corruption. This, Gil-Galad suggests, is an outer manifestation of an interior actuality: The elves remaining in Center-earth are dwindling in power, getting rid of their impact about the environment all around them. Only infusing the remaining elves with mithril — which is made up of the electric power of the Silmarils, which derives from the light-weight of the historic trees that at the time grew in Gil-Galad’s homeland — can the elves be full again.

Amidst all of this lore, it’s possibly really worth noting that virtually all of this is an invention of the display instead than of Tolkien’s primary perform. Tolkien in no way delivered a concrete origin story for mithril, and it was learned in mines other than Moria, this kind of as people in Númenor as properly. With all these improvements, it is difficult to say how mithril might at some point get made use of in the collection, but we do know that it has an essential element to play as Rings of Electrical power proceeds, primarily the moment the rings themselves appear.

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