The Role of Tire Pressure in the Performance of a Vehicle

If you are wondering why your vehicle performance is getting hampered nowadays, then there can be a lot of reasons behind. One of these reasons could be the wrong tire pressure. And if that is the case, you are quite fortunate, because it only takes to fill your car tires with the right air pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

But if you are curious to know, why the tires need such frequent fill-ups, this discussion with the Chevy dealer Saint Maries might help you understand.

Air pressure in a tire constantly keeps fluctuating, as with movement the pressure is continuously used up and threatened by the different road conditions through which they drive. So it is always a good idea to check the tire air pressure before you take out your car on the road, and if necessary, adjust them as and when required. And by doing so, you are improving your vehicle performance in the following ways:

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Fuel Efficiency

It is a known fact that insufficient inflation of the tire affects the fuel efficiency of the vehicle as the tire has to struggle to roll on the road surface constantly, and for this, it requires more fuel to accomplish the act the movement. Hence, you end up paying more frequently at the fuel pump stations.

Increases Harmful Emissions

While an insufficiently inflated tire reduces fuel economy, on the other hand, it increases it emitting harmful gas to the atmosphere and that will hold you guilty in the eyes of traffic law.

Losing Traction

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If you drive with soft tires, then you are most likely to face a “roll over” especially when you have to corner the vehicle or shift lanes. This happens because the sidewalls being softened fail miserably in providing the right amount of traction. Low air pressure in tires also increases the probabilities of hydroplaning of vehicles especially when you drive through the wet surface and eventually affects the braking distance.

Poor Safety Level

Reduction in traction henceforth will increase the chances of losing control on the vehicle, that plainly indicates the simple fact how a low tire pressure can bring down the safety level in your car, in cascading order.

The lifespan of the Tires

Low tire pressure finally cuts down the lifespan of your vehicle tires to a significant level. Driving for a long time with underinflated tires will untimely wear out the tires and you’ll have to soon look for a replacement for it.

What You Can Do

If you are an aware citizen, you must be knowing that manufacturing new tires leaves its harsh impact on the overall environment as the process involves a lot of black carbon production, needs more amount of crude oil. All this generates more and more carbon dioxide and emits them in the atmosphere.

The expert mechanics working at the Chevy dealership Saint Maries suggest every car owner take out only 10 minutes once in a week to check out the air pressure and adjust the air pressure. This will save them from visiting the fuel pumps frequently as well as the expensive expenditure at the tire store.

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