Things to Consider Before Choosing Photography College in India

Gone are the days when anyone with a DSLR camera used to call himself a photographer. Today, if you are planning to choose photography as a career, you must have complete knowledge of instruments, lighting, frames & much more – in short, you need to have a professional photography course to call yourself a photographer.

Over the years, photography has emerged as a great career option, and people are willing to make an investment in the career. If you are also planning to pursue a photography course in India and understand what is required from a photography college & course, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss factors that you must consider when choosing the right photography college for you in India.

Programs offered:

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Various photography colleges offer both short-term, long-term & diploma courses in photography. While selecting a college, compare the degrees offered, curriculum, duration of the course & monetary aspects.

Your Interest:

To become an excellent photographer, you need to understand your interest. There are several genres in photography like street photography, wedding photography, product photography, food photography & more; you need to select a specific field of photography.

If you are sure of your interest, find the college which offers specialization in your interest.


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In learning, teachers play a vital role. Hence, when you are selecting the right photography college for you, do focus on the faculty. Check the specialization of the faculty, student-teacher ratio & known names in the faculty.

Live Projects & Internships:

There are several photography colleges in India that offer a chance to their students to work on live projects under the guidance of mentors. While working on live projects, students can get exposure to the market. Thus, narrow down your search for the right college by ticking down the live projects & internships.


When you are studying, the commute time and travel expenses should be the last on your concern list. Thus, it is important to select a college near your home to pursue a professional photography course or diploma.

There is one such institute that offers all the above-mentioned points at affordable prices – Sri Aurobindo Centre of Arts & Communication (SACAC). Located in the heart of Delhi, SACAC offers a wide range of photography courses. Other than photography, SACAC also offers several other courses like advertising, music production, creative writing, graphic designing & more.

Check their official website or visit the campus to know more about photography courses.

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