Things You Can’t Miss When Getting a Custom Suit

There comes a time in the life of every man when a suit becomes a necessary part of his wardrobe. Most of the time – any option available is useful. But, some situations that require wearing a suit like weddings demand us to dress up as per the occasion. And, for such special events, having a custom suit tailored is the best option. In this post, we reveal everything you have to take into account to get the right choice. 

Tailor shops offer different options when making a custom suit. Although the variations are minimal, sometimes they make a big difference. Nowadays, the custom made type of clothing has evolved considerably from the luxury of a completely handmade suit to the hundreds of customization options. Simply google – custom tailored suits near me, and you will know what we are talking about. Now, let’s peek into different tailoring concepts available in the market. 


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Bespoke means ‘custom made’. It is an entirely traditional tailoring concept, in which the whole process is done by hand and exclusively for a specific client. The process takes a long time, and every detail is done exclusively. In fact, despite that the tailor’s shop already has the client’s measurements of some previous design, they must be retaken to elaborate the new suit.  

In the design department, the client draws his own suit along with an experienced designer. At that time, fabrics and all the essential details of the piece are chosen. It is possible to include all the necessary features to achieve a unique design. The client will perform several tests of the suit to make the manufacturing process perfect. Overall, a Bespoke suit is an exclusive, completely unique piece, which has been handcrafted from start to finish.

Made To Measure

This is the other concept of tailoring, having slight variations with respect to Bespoke custom made suits. In this case, the design is also created with the client, but not the whole process is manual. Part of the making of the piece is done by hand, but some details are carried out with somewhat more common techniques, such as using sewing machines or conventional production processes.

The client will try on the suit already made, with the stitches made, to carry out all the modifications on the garment itself. Obviously, it is also possible to choose the pattern, the fabric, the design, the type of eyelets, the buttons, the height of the neck, and even the shape of the pockets.

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A suit ‘Misura’ is closer to the concept of customization. Many men’s brands offer the possibility to customize any of their patterns or designs, providing exclusive details to the suit. The customer can choose the fabric, buttons, and jacket closure, in addition to selecting the threads that will be used and the types of stitching, among other things.

In a few weeks, the client will have a fully customized men’s suit, although not one hundred percent custom made or elaborated through an artisanal process.

What to Look for When Getting a Custom Suit?

There are several tips to consider when making a suit. Like, it is not advisable to be influenced excessively by the rise of trends. Instead, it would be convenient to bet on a garment of a classic silhouette that can remain updated in your closet for decades. The same could be said of color; the ideal thing would be to look for neutral and off-road tones, such as indigo blue that never fails. Even so, we must balance and not comply with the most obvious design. 

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