Things You Should Know About Crystal Infused Candles

Unlike regular candles, crystal infused candles are the kind of candles that have energies of the crystals in them.


In this article, we are going to explore information about crystal-infused candles and some of the benefits it provides. We are sure that you will resonate with most of them. But before jumping right into the topic let us understand a little about these magic candles.

What are crystal-infused candles?

As we are limitlessly fascinated by the crystal world, there is a lot to know about crystals and the candles made out of them. It is a great discovery that we can combine the power of scents and our senses very well with crystal healing.


These candles target different chakras and offer to heal and provide a healthy vibration by vibrating at different levels. Each of these candles have a specific purpose matching the meaning behind them. Let us take an example of the candle that goes by the name Navre.


Navre provides the smell of a fresh bouquet of roses and is also known as the smell of healing. And we are well aware of the fact that the olfactory senses work amazingly. It recognizes the emotion one feels while recalling the scent.


As these candles are infused with the energies that a crystal provides, these candles also harness the healing and manifesting powers of the crystals. These candles help in manifesting the intentions.


Crystal-infused candles help in relaxing and also fill the space with peace and love. This is not it, crystal candles do so much more than these things. Humans have been using these candles for thousands of years now and these are also known as a gem and intentional candles. The energies that these candles provide depend on the stones they contain.

Benefits of crystal infused candles

Let us look at some of the benefits of crystal-infused candles.


  • Offers emotional healing
  • Helps with sleep problems
  • Bring deep peace and clarity in life
  • Promotes spiritual healing
  • Improves the private life by bringing love and romance
  • Also helps in reducing the stress and anxiety
  • Offers calmness in life
  • Diminish the negative energy from your life
  • Makes us feel more focused and grounded
  • Increase the positive energy in the surrounding


These crystal candles add so much to the feelings and also help in activating the chakras. These candles let the emotions flow truly or freely.

The right time to use Crystal Infused Candles

There is no particular time to use these candles but you can create some rituals that fancy you. Whatever time you choose to light the candles just make sure that you are delivering the affirmations.


When you recite these affirmations, you will feel a lot of positive energy and power.


You can enjoy the beautiful scents of these candles by lighting them around you. Crystals work the best when they are loved so you have to pay a little more attention to them.


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