This is what Skyrim and Fallout modders want to see in Starfield mods

When launch working day could however be months away, there is certainly no disgrace in dreaming about Starfield mods already. I would not be the initial to spitball a slew of reskin mods for Bethesda’s future room match: every little thing from Star Wars and Star Trek to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Starfield is guaranteed to deliver all kinds of wild player-built mods: interface tweaks, stability patches, new companions, combat overhauls, and all the other Herculean feats we’ve grown accustomed to Skyrim and Fallout modders generating. 

But instead of dreaming up a laundry checklist of requests, I determined we need to just talk to the creators of main Bethesda RPG mods what they’re hoping to build (or participate in) this time about. They also tipped me off to their most-wished characteristics for Starfield’s version of the Generation Kit software package. Though we will not know the aspect listing nevertheless, Bethesda’s function on an up to date Creation Engine for establishing Starfield probably suggests some refreshing capabilities for modders also.

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