Tips on How to Enlighten Your Interior with Elegance

No matter how opulent your home is, if its interior design is poor then it simply will not give out that feeling of elegance every homeowner is aiming for. The entire space has to become lighter and it should possess a brighter color scheme that will enlighten and enlarge all the rooms. Only then could a sense of grandeur be conveyed to the tenants and the visitors alike. Elegance is not an easy impression to achieve but there are certain steps and tips that you can take to enlighten your living space.


An obvious solution to make the room appear larger and brighter is to have the right pieces exhibited. Old, heavy accessorizes should be thrown out and replaced by something modern, and with bold, round edges. The ideal material and color is anything italic, even golden. These reflect light, as it appears that the room is larger because of the mirror affect. Also, take care of the general layout of the living room accessories, as there should be plenty of space between them. The last thing you need is clutter on the shelves that will make the room look packed.

Arrange the bookshelf the right way

We have mentioned shelves for a reason. Things that sit on them could make or break the atmosphere of any interior. Especially tricky for arranging are books because they come in different shapes, sizes, and color, so it is nearly impossible to pair them up. This is important because uniformity is a vital trait of elegance, closely related to tidiness. Books might not have matching spines but they are full of leaves of paper that is more or less uniform in color and texture, so facing the books this way is an excellent trick to achieve elegance. Not only will the books be in line and of a single color, but the whiteness radiating from them will make the entire space appear lighter, especially if the shelf itself is white.

Redefining the window area

When discussing light, we must turn our attention to the source of light in any room: the windows.  They are the ones who regulate how much light will get in and what that light will appear as. Well, actually it is not the windowpane itself that performs this function but rather the blinds, curtains of shutters like the ones Oztech makes. Even insect screens can influence the amount of light that gets in, so choose carefully what kinds of curtains, for instance, you hang on the windows. Their translucency and color play a major role in the amount and type of light that gets in.

Geometric shapes

The aforementioned metallic features should ideally be shaped in regular geometric patterns. This means slim straight lines that literally outline the space of the room. They should not be bulky in size and the lines should be slim and the objects hollow inside. For instance, a model of a rectangle with only the edges outlined made from some metal is an ideal ornament for the mantelpiece. Also, models of atoms or the DNA are quite trendy nowadays, so they too could be placed on shelves. Ashtrays shaped like dice or jars in the form of books can decorate the table surfaces. Essentially, just go through any antique shop and search for quaint ornaments that have straight lines for the living room.

White from bellow

The perfect color for curtains and shelves is white but believe it or not, it is suited for floors as well. Few people would instantly decide to place a white carpet in front of their bed or the sofa but white is such a universal color that goes well with every minimalistic décor. It adds light to any space from bellow and has the potential to open up even the darkest of rooms by creating a sharp horizontal/vertical contrast. You can even use white rugs in the bathroom or white mats in the hall as this color goes well with any room, despite its main function. If you are worried that a white carpet will get dirty quickly, then opt for one that has gold or silver ornaments that will conceal any dirt that might pile up over time.

The power of pillows

Regardless of the color and the look of the couch, pillows can redesign the entire living room by their arrangement and/or color. A light color cushion can completely change the look of a dark color sofa. The shape of the pillow is left entirely to the preference of the homeowner, while the color should best be light blue, as this color is neutral enough to brighten the space but at the same time bold enough to give the whole space a personal touch.

As you have seen from the last example, it is all about the details. Style and elegance are created by those fine touches you apply in all the rooms in the house. Just don’t forget to open wide the curtains once you are finished redecorating.

If you want to fully understand the art of adding elegance to the interior, taking up an Interior Design Master’s Degree is the best way to go.

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