Tips for Lighting in Your Home

Your lighting choices can make or break the mood and design of your home. If you have outdated or inefficient lights, you can fix it with the use of the tips here. Use these ideas to save energy, brighten your room, or provide a new look into your home. 

Include Home Lighting Plan at the Beginning 

From the very beginning, make sure that you include the lighting. Don’t learn the hard way. The placement of lights should have been done at the same time as the placement of the couch and tables. Determine how far to hang pendant lights over island right at the very start. 

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Hire a Professional 

There are projects that you can do by yourself easily at home such as installing dimmer switches. However, for bigger jobs, it is best to ask for help from experts. The lighting designer will make a plan depending on your needs and budget. When you turn off the circuit breaker, make sure that you tape over switches to prevent it from accidentally turning back on. 

Select a Lighting Focal Point 

Not all sconces, lamps, and chandeliers should be the same size. Otherwise, the eyes will continue to search for visual clarity without finding anything specific. For larger spaces like dining or family room, putting a chandelier will make a great focal point. In a smaller room, you can install vintage-inspired sconces or put a floor lamp. 

Use Cord Swags 

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If you are installing a new pendant light, you can use cord swags. Determine how far to hang pendant lights over island. Swag them loosely on a hook or bar. Make sure to secure the cord tight to the ceiling to keep things organized. 

Select a New Shade 

Lampshades have more practical design use. With lighter color lampshades, it can help diffuse the light in a wider circle. Meanwhile, a darker lampshade will help concentrate the light and focus on a surface. Indeed, a new shade will provide you a chance to try a new punch of color and pattern before redoing your whole room.

Install Dimmers 

If you install dimmer switches on your light fixtures, it will help you save energy. This will help you tone down a light that is too bright with ambient lighting. This will create a more nuanced lighting scheme. Moreover, a dimmer will help extend the life of your bulbs. Thus, this will minimize the need to change the fixtures. 

Determine the Ceiling Height 

When selecting the hanging light fixtures, knowing the ceiling height is very important. Some lights come with adjustable cables and rods. When you consider the ceiling height, you will not get stuck on a product that will hang too low or too high. 

The general rule is the bottom of the light should hang 12 to 20 inches below a standard of the 8-foot ceiling. For every additional foot of the ceiling height, make sure to add 3 inches. 

Use Spotlights to Highlight Things Around your House 

You can use lighting to focus on a feature wall. You can do this to focus on key possession or architectural element. Mount lights on the wall and arranges it symmetrically on the side of a mirror above the mantelpiece of a fireplace. This will add sophistication, warmth, and elegance to your room. 


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