Tips for writing a Subway Sandwich Resume

Subway is the biggest fast-food chain globally, with 44000 stores in more than 100 nations. If you need a job with good pay, flexible working hours, and a good work environment, you can choose to become a Subway sandwich artist. They are responsible for preparing sumptuous sandwiches and salads per the customer’s preference. They also clean tables, flooring, and sitting areas.

Here are some tips to consider when writing a compelling Subway resume to win the job position of a sandwich artist.

Use appealing bullet points

Bullet points are an essential part of your subway resume as they’re the first thing any recruiter notices. And, they’re the most recommended option to show your qualifications and experience. So, instead of mentioning your responsibilities, you should use bullet points to show your work results. For instance, if you are saying you prepare sandwiches well, tell them you can prepare 150 sandwiches per hour.

Your bullet points should be impressive, with numbers and details showcasing how much you have added to the company’s growth.

Pick and add relevant keywords

When you apply for a job at Subway, your resume should be assessed by an Applicant Tracking System. It looks for major keywords related to your job position to help you know whether your abilities and experience match the requirement. If your resume doesn’t have sufficient keywords, ATS will mention it.

The keywords are more important when you apply online. Your resume may pass through an online recruitment system. So, you should focus on adding the right keywords to your resume.

The best way to pick the right keyword is to read through job postings and pick terms from there. Some common keywords for the subway sandwich artist resume are teamwork, customer service, food and drinks, public speaking, time management, leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, customer support, customer satisfaction, interaction, sales, etc.

Present your technical abilities

The technical skills part in the resume of a subway sandwich artist is essential as it exhibits their proficiency in using systems and software necessary for the job. Subway sandwich artists work on the specific program of the Subway Pro app to manage orders, sales and inventory. They should also know Excel to create sales reports and manage inventory. So, make sure you mention your technical skills in your resume.

Focus on the basics

While crafting your resume, make sure you consider these basic guidelines:

  • Develop scannable sections

Make your resume more presentable and professional by choosing specific font sizes and types. Use bullets in place of paragraphs and have a separate section for skills. Align your text left for clarity.

  • Be concise

Don’t add fluff to your resume. Keep it concise and to the point. A one-page resume is considered best, but if your experience is more, you can go for a two-page resume.

  • Proofread

Make sure you proofread your resume to ensure it is perfect. Check for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation marks to ensure no mistakes.

  • Add a summary

If you are looking for a job, add a summary at the end to introduce yourself and mention the skills that make you the best applicant for the job.

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