Tips to a Stellar Beach Wedding

If you’re planning to hold your wedding at the beach, then consider this the best decision you have made thus far! For one, beach weddings are known to be more affordable and easier to organize compared to common weddings held in chapels. Beach weddings at least merge the ceremony and the reception into one venue, allowing for a better way to control your expenses.

What’s more, a good thing about beach weddings is the experience itself. Nothing beats exchanging your vows as you overlook the beautiful setting sun. Sure enough, this makes the ceremony all the more memorable and sentimental.

The secret to a great beach wedding depends on how you plan it and on the resources you have at hand. Even though it’s easier to pull off than conventional wedding ceremonies, you will still have to spend ample time putting everything together.

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That being said, let’s look at a few tips that should help you organize a beach wedding to remember!

  1. Hunt for the best locations

When it comes to hunting for the best venue for a beach wedding, you can simply search along coastlines for resorts that will cater to your needs. Unless of course you live by the beach and can avoid finding a venue out of town, you will have to spend a great deal of time looking for a great location to hold the ceremony and the reception.

  1. Find a good resort

For sure, you can’t just pick a random place with sand and hold your wedding there. You will need to find a resort that has all the amenities you need to organize the event. From audio equipment right down to accommodations, the choice of a good resort can help you save money and turn your wedding into a success.

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While you’re finding a resort that will host your party, you can always take advantage of special promos. Typically, resorts offer discounts and other perks to events that reach a certain number of confirmed guest. So, while you’re location hunting, get as many quotes as possible from different resorts.

  1. Get quality catering

Resorts can offer to the amenities you need to hold your wedding. However, there are sometimes exceptions, so you will need a caterer that can prepare the meals and the venue. For this, make sure to get quality events rentals service from local providers. From standing bars to the fabrics you need for the tables, the design aspect is properly taken care of by the right people.

  1. Hire a professional host

During the wedding reception, you will need someone who can step in as the master of ceremonies. For this, you can find freelance events hosts who can spare an hour or two to add a dash of hype during the wedding reception.

Think along the lines of DJ and comedians. For sure, you can seek out someone with the confidence to facilitate the event. If you’re on a budget, you can have someone you know who is funny and interesting enough to give your guests the time of their lives.

  1. Seek musical entertainment

Other than a funny master of ceremonies, you can also get someone or a band to provide musical accompaniment to the most emotional parts of the wedding. You can hit the local directory for events musicians.

Considering the venue itself, you can settle for a singer with a ukelele who can do tropical renditions of romantic songs. You can also find a local reggae band if you’re aiming to give the walk down the aisle a Caribbean vibe. Either way, music can raise the sentimentality of the event just so you can finally have the beach wedding of your dreams!  


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