Tips to Timber Flooring Installation That You Must Follow

Are you looking to install timber flooring? You will need proper tools, materials, cutting, layout, and some skills for doing the installation. Timber flooring installation is an home improvement task which can invite warmth, beauty and style to the interior. Before you start installing timber flooring, a lot of preparation is required. You need to make an estimate of the materials you need and then place orders. Timber flooring is a great choice for homes and offices. It does not warp and crack under humid conditions and this is the greatest benefit of the same. It adds more value to the home and increases the aesthetic appeal. With the timber floor installation, you will attain the kind of look that you were craving for.

If you are not sure of timber flooring installation, you may approach a professional. With timber flooring, your home will acquire rustic look. Timber floor is hard to install but it has a kind of naturalistic appeal next to none. It can even make an old home appear new. This is a kind of investment you must think of. It increases the resale value of the home while adds more beauty to it.

The reason for the popularity of timber floors

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Timber floor is the traditional favorite. It is much thicker than engineered wooden floor. You may install timber floor upon the raised plywood used conventionally. But, make sure that the surface beneath the timber floor is above the grade. There must not be any moisture in the sub floors. Proper preparation is the key to efficient installation of timber floor. The base on which you lay the floor must be smooth, well leveled, clean and structurally sound. It can be existent wooden floor in great condition. There is no need to remove the old floors as you may install new floor directly on the sub floor. Timber flooring offers much more comfort than marble floors. But, the color of the floor surface might change if you expose it to direct sunlight. If you want to avoid regular repair work, you can choose engineered timber material.

Timber Flooring Installation

Getting rid of base molding and doors

Whether you want to install the floor over an old surface or you want to do things freshly, remove the shoe molds and doors. Baseboards should be removed when there are no shoe moldings. Do the numbering over molding boards and then replace them when finished. The environment of the room must be perfect and it must not cast negative impact on the floor. Too much traffic to the area, humidity swings, or excessive temperature is not desired.

Prepare the subfloor prior to installation

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The subfloor should be structurally sound, flat, dry, and well positioned. You may use a board of carpenter to detect rises or dips. If there are bumps, use sandpaper to level the surface. Fill up the dips with some leveling compound. Screw squeaky spots and reseat raised fasteners with the help of 1 ½ inch screw driver. Make sure that the crawlspace below the raised floor is 18 inches in height. This must properly be vented with an area of 1.5 square feet per 100 square feet crawlspace. Now, cover the ground area with black polyethylene. Overlap the sheets first and then tap them together.

Can heat and humidity impact the hardwood floor?

Solid wooden flooring is quite susceptible to getting damaged due to moisture. At first you need to adjust wooden material to your home environment. This may prevent any expansion or contraction of material. It is very important to determine in what direction the floor joist is. The installation must start from the most visible and the longest wall.

You need proper tools and equipments for the installation of timber flooring. Table saw is needed to cut the wood. You also need proper measuring tape to measure the wooden boards, ply and the space. Consider taking professional help for timber floor installation service providers.

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