Tips to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy

To be safe and a feeling of nausea is on the common lines when you are pregnant. Pregnancy morning sickness symptoms are not a major cause of concern, but it is for sure a definite sign of discomfort. To deal with morning sickness during pregnancy follow the below pointers.

Eat less and make it often

If you have an empty stomach it makes the symptoms of morning sickness a lot worse. To eat little and at frequent intervals of time is bound to keep your sugar levels on an even keel. At the same time keep blend snacks beside you for nibbling during the course of the day.

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Enrich your diet with protein rich foods

Protein rich simple foods are the key which are rich sources of vitamin B in the form of nuts. Do stay away from fried, spicy, rich, fried and fatty foods paving way for nausea.

Rather than cold meals hot meals could be a better option

Cooking food triggers the smell of nausea. A better choice would be to stick to cold foods till the feeling of nausea passes.


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To set out of bed in the wee hours of the morning would force you to the bathroom. Instead feed on a few empty snacks like a dry toast before you plan to step out of bed.

A diary of morning sickness is to be maintained

Track down when the levels of morning sickness peaks and when you are going to feel better. This could provide you with optimum advice on what is the best time during the day to eat and drink.

Drinking between meals

If you are facing issues to keep your fluid levels down, during meal times limit your drinks. But during the rest of the day do not forget to drink a lot of water as to be hydrated during pregnancy is the best remedy.

No substitute for rest

To cope up with issues of morning sickness you need plenty of rest when you are pregnant. If you do not get rest it can worsen the symptoms of morning sickness. Opt for plenty of rest and relaxation is the key at this juncture.

Sniff lemons

A small cut of lemon with you would make the symptom of morning sickness easy to cope. Just add lemons to sparkling water or lemon slices to an iced tea as and when you can.

With ginger tea you can settle your stomach

When you use in moderation ginger can help you to cope up with morning sickness. Ginger tea or ginger capsules can be taken at any point of time.

Opt for pregnancy multi vitamins

The consumption of pregnancy multi vitamins would stiff down the symptoms of nausea, though less evidence exists it can be supported. Still if it does not work the daily consumption of multi vitamin ensures that you are availing the daily dosage of vitamin D and folic acid

By following the above symptoms you can cope up with issues of morning sickness during pregnancy.

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