Tips To Make Your Banner Stand Different From The Rest In A Cr

You might have discussed with your team the importance of time and then planning out the design for promotional and marketing materials. Now, the banner stands need to be perfect if you want your advertisement to win people’s hearts. If you are placing the stand in a big trade show, the chances are high that it will be up against so many other options. So, if you don’t know how to make your banner great, then no one is likely to pay any attention to it. There are some simple steps that you could follow to make your stand different from the rest in the crowd.

1. The images and graphics you choose:

Well, it is true that a picture says a thousand words. So, when the matter revolves around designing the banner stand, the proper use of images or graphics can really help you to get the message right across. In case you are promoting services or products, be sure to use some quality images to help in your sale. While using those images, make sure to focus on their quality. Ensure that all the images are of top-notch quality and saved in the best CMYK format for the right print.

2. Always keep the logo right at the top:

Make sure to use the top portion of your banner for displaying the logo of your firm and any pertinent information. Most of the time, it is the first place that the new viewers will look. Follow your logo design down with the primary message at eye level. This is certainly the most interesting way to grab people’s attention as they get to walk past it.

3. The sizes of the banner boards to address:

As per Google Adsense, the most successful banners will have perfect sizes to work on. So, learning the most common and useful sizes will help you to come up with the best banner design as well. For the leaderboard, the normal size is 728 x 9px. For the half page, the size to consider is the 300 x 600px, and for the medium rectangle, you can head for 300 x 250px. In case you are aiming for a large rectangle, then the perfect size will be 336 x 280px.

4. Be sure to maintain the hierarchy:

You must be aware of the fact that banner ad designs will rely mostly on the right balance within every ad. So, be sure to watch your hierarchy. Most of the effective ads are primarily designed to increase the current brand awareness and to drive traffic to your online site. They have three major components to address, and those are the company’s logo, value proposition, and the CTA or call to action.

Focus on these pivotal points:

So, make sure to focus on the major points mentioned above if you want the banner ad to stand out in the crowd. Be sure to keep the design simple as it needs to be soothing to your eyes.

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