Tooth Anatomy: Know The Parts Of Your Teeth

There is a strong link between our teeth and body. Which means, any dental problem may lead to general health concerns or vice versa. For that reason, we should know what makes up a tooth. If we did that, we could understand each of its parts, their functions and properties better and could take superior dental care. With a better understanding of tooth anatomy, you could approach the dentist with confidence and get timely treatment for any type of problems posing risks to your dental health. And plus, knowing your tooth could also help in the way you maintain dental care.    

Let’s look at 5 parts of your teeth –

  1. Tooth Enamel

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Did you know that the tooth enamel is the hardest thing in the body? It circles the visible part of the tooth and gives it a protective barrier. If it’s healthy, there will never be bacteria to cause cavity. The composition of enamel are mostly calcium phosphate, a strong mineral. It’s not only translucent but you can also add to its strength. You can do it using a toothpaste containing fluoride or using other similar dental problems with the same composition.  

  1. Dentin

Just beneath the enamel surface will be your dentin. It’s also responsible for forming the most of your tooth’s structure. Which means, most part of your teeth will actually be dentin. It’s made up of tissue and living cellular material and if exposed, there will always be risk of bacteria causing problems. Even if it’s hard, its exposure makes it probe to bacteria risk leading to cavities and tooth sensitivity issues.    

  1. Cementum

Do you know what surrounds the roots of your teeth? It’s the cementum which is basically a coating. It may look similar to enamel but it’s not that much hard. Rather, it’s softer nonetheless helps in root stability. It can get attached to the fiber anchoring the tooth in the jawbone. This is why cementum has a big utility in with root stability.  

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  1. Roots

The roots are the reason your teeth are anchored in the jawbone. If it were not for them, your teeth would not be able to bite and chew as easily as you do. For that reason, dentists always ask to take care of teeth roots and keep them away from periodontal disease. Your dental health cannot be maintained without strengthening the roots. And yes, gum disease should never be taken lightly else they might weaken the teeth structure completely.  

  1. Root and Pulp Canals

Root or pulp canal is a hollow chamber inside the tooth. The canal is the place where roots and pulp of a tooth exist. This very area helps in the flow of blood and nutrients. That’s how your teeth stay healthy and get nourishment. Naturally, the area will be sensitive and it may need a root canal treatment in case you have infected or decayed tooth. You may also need Manhattan oral surgery if the problem or tooth damage is complex in nature.      

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