Top 10 webtoon manhwa you must read 2022-2023

Webtoon Manhwa is a genre of Korean comics, manhwa is generally a variation of Japanese hentai manga.  Since Webtoon Manhwa is also a term used to refer to funny cartoons and prints, but webtoon manhwa is much different from Manga hentai, Webtoon Manhwa was born as an internet comic.  From simple strokes like funny webcomics on the internet, webtoon soon became popular. The authors try to compose short stories to understand the needs of their readers. After receiving positive feedback, they create longer works.  The webtoon manhwa fever begins with such simple details.

 In order to have a Webtoon ecosystem, the authors must sell their products, they lock up the chapters and when readers want to read the next chapters, they have to pay.  Great webtoon sets are warmly sought like True Beauty, Girls of the Wild’s, Salty Studio, Dr. Frost, Space Boy, Bluechair, Noblesse, Bj Alex, Painter of the Night, Close as Neighbors, My Aunt, My Stepmom, Secret Friend, The White Room, Project Utopia, My Friend’s Dad, The Unwanted Roommate, Secret Neighbors, Springtime for Spring  Blossom, A Nonsense Relationship, Body Trap, Anything for You … If you want to read they can go to get free Coins at Free Webtoon Coins, the site offers 1000 free coins for readers.

Compared to Manga Hentai with elaborate brushstrokes with characters with big eyes, Webtoon Manhwa is strong on the plot.  The story of the search for success, or the adventure of fate, is described in detail above. The difference when webtoon manhwa released Lgbt webtoon comics in which readers can read boys love and girls love webtoon  online for free. It is the coming into this niche that makes the webtoon different and remembered.

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Many webtoon manhwa hentai series have been adapted into dramas and movies on the big screen in Korea.

This is the top 10 webtoon manhwa that you should not miss, attractive content with sophisticated drawings and high quality graphics.  Can be compared with popular Japanese manga.

 Manhwa – Sweet Home

Manhwa – Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a series created by author Kim Carnby and drawn by Hwang Yeong Chan – the duo who make up Bastard.  The story is about Cha Hyun Soo, a high school student who hates society, has a history of suicide, and is selfish.  On a fine day, he lost all his relatives and had to support himself. However, things are not as simple as that. He realized that there were scary creatures existing and haunting himself.

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If Bastard is a high-thriller drama, with Sweet Home, the two authors have done extremely well creating a story about people fighting against corpses.  The plot of Sweet Home brings viewers the dramatic frame by frame, and the zombie monsters by Hwang Yeong Chan really make viewers startled with each mouse roll because they are too scared.


 Manhwa – Girls of the Wild’s

Wild High is known for producing many reputable individuals in the country.  This girls’ school is where girls are trained in martial arts ranging from boxing to karate.  They always try to train in hopes of winning the opportunity to participate in the largest tournament in the world called the Wild League.  However, Wild High decided to break the tradition of the school, opening the door for men to study and one of the first boys to set foot in this school was Song Jae Gu.  Although lacking in combat skills and mediocre levels, the school awarded Song a scholarship of up to 3 years as a means to attract new people, but whether this young man could “survive”.  until graduation in a school filled with “sly girls” like “Queen” – the most powerful Wild High?

Manhwa – A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is a work by Yu So Nan, adapted into a comic by Uk Jag Ga on Kakao since 2018. The story is about Desir Arman’s reincarnation journey, one of the last six.  humanity’s got lost in the Labyrinth. After defeating the final boss of the Labyrinth but still failing, Desir was taken back 13 years ago, before he even entered the labyrinth. Now, Desir will have to find all his comrades and friends and once again save the world and the one he loves.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special uses the isekai motif but is made in a very Korean style.  This has made many readers feel curious and love this series is no less than the Japanese manga.

Manhwa – The Legend of Maian

A long time ago the world was faced with terror by the ability to summon demons of witch Felicia Rand Philistin.  However, Felicia did not know that her dark dynasty would soon end. A warrior won and sealed Felicia. However, our story takes place 1,000 years after Fenix ​​Maian made a foolish mistake.  Fenix ​​has released Felicia from captivity and now this man must somehow prevent her from bringing a nightmare back.

Manhwa – Threads of Time

 “Who am I?” It is the question that always appears in Moon Bin Lee’s mind every night.  When he fell asleep, Moon found himself chasing a girl in the body of a person he couldn’t recognize as Sa Kyoung Kim.  Time passed and Moon’s situation was so serious that he could not distinguish between the real and the real world. Can Moon recognize himself or the Sa Kyoung Kim?

Manhwa – Witch Hunter

On a surprising day, wizards suddenly wage war on mankind.  Not only did they declare war on people, they destroyed much of the world in their anger.  People began to wonder why this happened, but the answer would still have to wait, something to prevent witches from acting.  Those who have the power and ability to summon summoned beasts will become witch hunters. Tasha Godspell is one of the most powerful witch hunters.  He has the alias “The Marksman” (Sniper) and his “supporter” fighting against witches, but Tasha has no grudge against them for some reason …

Manhwa – Afterschool War Activities

Events that occur when the world is approaching the end of the world.  Strange objects begin to fall from the sky. The Korean army fought but realized that the number of enemies was too great.  Although they were just high school students and students, people like Yeon Bo Ra, Wang Tae Man and Woo Hui Rak had to carry guns to the front lines in hopes of saving the country.  The question is whether young students and the army can fight against this mysterious, unknown threat?

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 Manhwa – Id

Chunwha was suddenly taken to another world after being knocked off a cliff by Wyvern (a species of hybrid dragon).  Chunwha notices the strange elves resembling humans and strange creatures wandering around appearing here. Fearing that his name would cause too much attention by the inhabitants of this world, Chunwha changed his name and proclaimed himself Id and started venturing into the new world to find his way back home …

 Manhwa – Ares

The story takes place in an era similar to ancient Rome, Ares and Mikael have the same dream, which is to become part of Tample, a famous mercenary group in the country of Chronos.  There was a new warrior joining Tample, Baroona, and all three are now members of the team. The enemies are always lurking, so what will happen to the three very talented but inexperienced warriors?

 Manhwa – Noblesse

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, better known as Rai as a Vampire, has been sleeping for almost 900 years and knows nothing about the change of the outside world.  Out of his long sleep, Rai awakened to a world of technology and developments right before his eyes. Fortunately, Rai was not alone when he was followed closely by his loyal servant Frankenstein.  Realizing he needed to understand this new world, Rai enrolled in a South Korean high school as a transfer student. The story progresses when Rai gets along with the other students and has many friends, but there is a research institute on the human body that appears to want to have Rai’s body as a model.  While Rai believes that his enemies have disappeared, the reality is that they are always around him.

Manhwa – The Breaker

Chunwoo – the newly transferred English teacher is not an ordinary teacher with great power.  After witnessing that power, Shiwoon – a student who is always bullied and harassed by friends immediately wants Chunwoo to accept him as a student so he can become stronger as his teacher.  ChunWoo said he would accept it if Shiwoon did something to prove his determination, such as jumping down from a nearby bridge …

Manhwa – Solo Leveling

Based on the famous Korean online novel series by author Chu-Gong, the manga version of Solo Leveling was performed by two artists, Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak.  Solo Leveling is about the journey of Sung Jin Woo, a weak E-Rank hunter who goes on missions in low-level dungeons to make money. After entering a D rank cave, he and his teammates encountered a double dungeon and from there, many unexpected things happened.

At the present time, Solo Leveling is still in the top of the most popular webtoon sets in Korea as well as in the world.  Even the author of this comic series is considering to be able to collaborate with studios to release anime versions and even games based on the novel Solo Leveling.

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Manhwa – Tower of God

The Tower of God is about the struggle to climb to the top of a tower of people with different purposes, where all your desires: money, power, power, or anything else have it.  can be met. Here, everyone has to show their talents to climb each floor, but each floor of the tower has a multitude of difficult challenges waiting for them, to achieve their goals.  Failure will sometimes cost you life. The main character in the Tower of God is a small boy, with no outstanding talent but the courage and strong belief in the friendship named Baam 25th – who accidentally caught up in the tower full of temptation.  .

From the launch until now, Tower of God has become a phenomenon of Korean manhwa village.  This series has gradually become a monument and even be considered “One Piece of Korea”. Currently, this series has reached the third part with still very attractive details and a huge fan base.

Manhwa – Peerless Dad

Unlike the other series, Peerless Dad – The Unrivaled Father is based on the world of swordplay.  The main character is Noh, a martial arts practitioner on a Gypsy. He met the idea of ​​a faithful man, then quickly gave birth to his children with the intention of having a happy family.  However, no one pleased God, Noh’s wife died after giving birth to three children. Now, he takes up the rooster alone to raise 3 children and start his new journey.

Similar to Solo Leveling, Peerless Dad has been gaining popularity lately.  Built in the same world as another manhwa, Red Storm, the Unrivaled Father is more sympathetic to many readers when building a compelling storyline and very depth when exploited in both directions.  The story of the incomparable father and three talented martial arts brothers matures over time.

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Manhwa – Yongbi Bulpae

A true bounty hunter needs courage and determination, Yongbi possesses all these qualities and more.  While Yongbi seems to be quite a scary person, he can still seduce almost anyone. One day, a young boy came to the bounty hunter’s house and asked him to protect him.  Yongbi noticed a strange badge he had and decided to help him keep it safe. The two left with countless dangers lurking everywhere, but Yongbi was ready to face them all.


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If you are curious about this new webtoon manhwa comic genre or you are looking for a comic category about Lgbt webtoon, then try to read manhwa webtoon comics right now.  Surely you will not be disappointed and have great experiences.

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