Top 4 Benefits of Employment Background Screening

Pre-employment background screening can help you and your HR team build a trustworthy and productive workforce. Carrying out background checks has become the norm in the employment space these days. There’s been a rise in the urgency to uncover false information on resumes and keep out perilous individuals from the workplace.


A properly designed background screening system has many benefits. It can significantly reduce a company’s cost per hire, increase the quality of hires, and make the workplace a safe and secure environment. Below are a few major reasons why employment background checks are essential and why your company should build a screening functional system.

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1. Better Quality Staff


Recent studies show that the collective quality of hires in a company improves more when background checks are carried out as applicants often include loads of incorrect information on their resumes. These checks help reveal falsified information and ensure applicants are truly who they’re selling themselves to be because people who have committed crimes or made bad career choices are more likely to put false information on their resumes – only a check would help uncover that.


There are available websites and apps that could help your human resources team run identity verification checks on your applicants without having to ask for a criminal record or court that can be faked. is one such website; it’s convenient and gives you access to public records of your person of interest.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Complying with industry standards goes a long way to improve a business and increases its chances of survival. A thorough background check on prospective employees will increase your chances of having a workforce that’s up to standard and well qualified. Depending on your country of residence, state and federal industry requirements may differ. With a proper background screening provider, compliance tools built into your recruitment channels, and qualified in-house compliance experts, you can employ staff who align with these state and federal requirements for different job positions.


Meeting up with industry regulations doesn’t only add to the credibility of your company, but it’ll also prevent your company from incurring costly and unnecessary fines, legal damages, or losing certain privileges. It’s advised that you incorporate a background screening provider at every stage of your recruitment process including the employment eligibility verification e-form. Using this screening provider will help you establish an effective screening program for your company.

3. Workplace Security and Safety



Background checks also help your company maintain a safe and secure space for both staff and clients. To create a productive and well-functioning work environment for your staff, you will need to ensure that the workspace is secure for your workers. No one wants to come into work feeling threatened or in danger.


A good check can help you maintain a good level of safety by eliminating applicants who could be harmful to the rest of the workforce. For example, you don’t want to hire people who could steal from the business and jeopardize its image. A recent study by the American Chamber of Commerce reported that 30 percent of businesses suffer major theft from employees. In addition to that, a significant amount of companies experience multiple acts of violence in the workplace. Carrying out background screening before employment can reduce the chances of events like this taking place.

4. Reduced employee turnover.

Background checks can help you reduce employee turnover in your business. Having staff who’ll stay on for multiple years and grow with the company is healthy for your business. What’s more, running a check on applicants before employing them will give you information on the applicant’s persistence, their role in their former jobs, and if they aim to grow with your company. On the flip side, having to train new staff every other month will cost your company precious resources and money.


All in all, thorough pre-employment checks are vital and can further help your business with long-term success. On that note, we hope these tips came in handy.

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