Top 5 Best Literary Agents in the US

Do you have a story idea that you think is ready to turn into a book? Are you done with drafting a book? Do you want to publish it but don’t know where to start? If yes, you’re not alone.

Being a writer, I have always wished to publish a novel or story. And I successfully completed my debut US novel, although it took me a huge amount of time to publish my book. The reason behind it was that I wasn’t aware of the procedure of publishing a book.

Once you are done drafting a novel or book, you wish to get it published as soon as possible. But publishing a book is not an easy task. For me, getting the right publisher was the most difficult task. Like most authors, I thought about giving up on my dreams. However, thanks to my friend who told me about the best literary agent.

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So, who are the literary agents? How can they help you publish your book?

A literary agent represents writers and authors in front of publishing houses, negotiates contracts on the writer’s behalf, and helps them get a boost in their career. In turn, the agent will charge 10-15% of the total income generated from the sales and profit.

Since literary agents have in-depth knowledge about the market and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest book publishing trends, they can help you manage your sales and contracts. Moreover, they enhance the chances of your work getting all the name and fame it deserves by representing you in front of the right publisher.

So, what are the best literary agents in the US? In this guide, I will share a list of the top 5 literary agents that you can trust easily.

List of the top 5 literary agencies in the US

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  1. Mollie Glick, CAA

Mollie Glick graduated from Brown University, began her career as a literary agent. Before becoming an agent, she worked in the editorial department at the Crown imprint of Random house. She loves to work with a wide range of debut novelists, ranging from literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, popular science, memoir to YA projects.

She pays attention to each project. I loved to work with Mollie as she is passionate about her work. She responded to my query within three days and read my complete manuscript overnight.

  1. Jodi Reamer, Writer’s House

Jodi Reamer is a literary agent and an attorney. She’s been with Writers House since 1995. Although she represents many bestselling and award-winning authors, she loves to represent a legal thriller. She usually takes 6-8 weeks to respond to your queries and manuscript, but she replied to my query within 1-week. Writer’s House has helped hundreds of novelists and non-fiction authors.

  1. Suzanne Gluck, William Morris Endeavour

Suzanne Gluck is a book agent with William Morris Endeavour Entertainment in Ney York City. In addition, she has good relations with several publishing agents in NYC and the USA. Over the course of her 20-years career, she has represented a wide range of authors, including fiction and non-fiction authors.

She responded to my query within a day and provided me feedback about my manuscript within 2-weeks.

  1. Jeff Kleinman, Folio Lit

Jeff Kleinman is a founding partner at Folio Literary Management. It is a Manhattan-based literary agency. They love to represent both fiction and non-fiction projects and authors of all ages, no matter whether it is your first novel or you are a well-established author.

What I liked most about Jeff Kleinman is he responds to your queries within a few minutes. So, if you want to get feedback on your manuscript quickly, I recommend you to contact Folio Literary Management.

  1. Stephany Evans, Fine Print Literary

Stephany Evans is the president of Fine Print Literary Management. She has represented non-fiction writers in the area of health and wellness, lifestyle and fitness, narrative nonfiction, history memoir, and many more for more than 29 years. Since she has served as a ghostwriter on eight published books related to memoirs and spirituality, she can guide you, especially if you are a spiritual author.

Although she never represented my manuscript to publishers at the end, she reviewed my manuscript within 2-weeks, and her sensitive feedback helped me take my career to new heights.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a literary agent is an effective way to take your career to another level. However, not all literary agents offer great service. So, choose your literary agency carefully. If you want to know more about the best literary agents in the US, click here.

I hope you will get the best literary agent for your manuscript who will help you get a publishing deal quickly.

All the Best!

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