Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Getting a Root Canal

The root canal treatment is also known as endodontics. Here “endo” means inside and “dont” implies tooth. It involves a set of specialised procedures devised for treating the issues of the soft pulp tissues located inside the mouth.

Though many people think of this as an unusually painful procedure, in maximum cases, this involves no more discomfort than the tooth-filling treatment. On the contrary to popular beliefs, root canal is one of the most effective treatments to drive away pain.

The root canal procedure becomes a necessity when any kind of infection or inflammation develops in the tooth’s pulp tissue. The pulp tissue comprises of the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerve cells that defines why a problem here can cause you to go through intense pain.

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At times, though the pain goes away the infection persists. This can cause dental abscess and can even contribute to the systematic issues in other parts of the body. Root canal treatment, hence should not be avoided under such circumstances.


Apart from that, there are also other reasons for going for a root canal treatment. Here an attempt is made to bring forth the major reasons why delaying a root canal treatment is not at all recommended.

Just read on.

  • Root Canal Treatment Stops the Infection When a Tooth is Infected and Dying – While the enamel or the outer layer that the tooth has is quite hard, the tooth’s inner pulp is quite soft, and it consists of a living tissue. Cracks in the teeth or tooth decay, at times, infects this tissue as a result of which the tissue begins to die. Under such circumstances, treatment is the required immediately so that the pain can be stopped, the infection can be controlled, and it can be thwarted from spreading.
  • The Problems Treated with Root Canal Won’t Go Away by Themselves – There are certain things that if you ignore can go away by themselves. The problems treated by the root canal procedure are not one of those. In certain cases, the pain may go away after some time but that is not a very hopeful sign. This is because if the symptoms subside after some time it means that the nerves are already all dead inside. Just like glowing coals in the fire the infection remains ablaze under such circumstances.
  • Pain is Alleviated with Root Canal Treatment – You heard that right! The root canal treatment does not cause pain. Rather it relieves it. In fact, the root canal treatment is relatively painless in spite of what you may have heard. Though it may take a little longer, the root canal procedure is not very different from the cavity treatment. So, if you are suffering from toothache which is one of the significant symptoms of root canal related issue, keep it in mind that the sooner you get it treated the better for you.
  • It Can Get Worse If Left Untreated – The bacteria from the tooth pulp that is infected can go through the roots of the tooth, if left untreated and get into the tissue of the jaw and the gums. As a result of this, a pus-filled and painful abscess can be created that will call for an urgent treatment. In fact, in worst cases, this can result in whole-body or systematic inflammation that potentially puts you at risk for more severe conditions like stroke and heart ailment.
  • Root Canal Treatment Can Save the Tooth – There is a high chance of losing the tooth that is infected if you neglect the treatment of root canal for a long time. And the loss of tooth once it is started can bring in a plethora of other problems like bite problems, gum disease, an enhanced risk of tooth decay in case of the remaining teeth and much more. With the escalation of the oral problems even more teeth can be lost. So, if you want to bring yourself out of this risk it is advisable that you go for a root canal treatment at a reputed dental clinic in Delhi without delay.

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So, the next time you feel severe and relentless pain and pressure in the mouth or an extreme sensitivity in the gums along with swelling it is evident that you need an evaluation and potentially a root canal treatment immediately.

Apart from a lingering pain after having cold or hot foods, a sharp pain at the time of biting down is also a tell-tale symptom of the damage of pulp tissue. If you go through any of these, you need to undergo a check-up without delay to avoid further trouble and dangerous consequences.

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