Top 5 Tips For Choosing a Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

Getting married to the one you love is the most cherished feeling in the world. Majority of the people dream of their wedding day since childhood. The thought is crystal clear! You dream of the perfect wedding outfit, the list of bridesmaids and even the choice of cake. As the wedding day gets closer, there is a lot of work such as hiring the best florist, cake and food tasting, hiring a makeup artist and photographer. Speaking of wedding photographer, you need to choose a professional who can capture the sweet memories in his camera.

As per, choosing a wedding photographer is the most stressful task. This is because an amateur will not have the skills or equipment to capture the events. A professional will have a portfolio, the right gear and apt skills.

Here’s a quick post that tells you about the Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer for the big day.

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The Top 5 Tips To Follow

#1 Check the style and image quality

A good photographer will show you the portfolio. It is easy to find the work of photographers on social media. If they are not on social media, there will be a website that showcases their work. You can ask for their portfolio and check the quality of the image. Does it reflect your style? If you like the way he/she has captured the moment of other couples, you have found the right match!

Also, make sure you check all the images and they should be his/her original work. Consistency is the key! All the images should be high-quality and the shot should be impressive.

#2 Approachable and Accommodating

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The bride and groom should be comfortable with the photographer. Understand the personality of the professional! Will he/she have too many demands or they will be easy to work with? It is your day and the last thing you want is to get stuck with an arrogant photographer. They should make you feel comfortable and approaching them should not be a difficult task.

Think about the guests making it to your wedding! If the photographer is friendly and approachable, the guests will not feel awkward getting their pictures clicked.

#3 Does it fit your budget?

The first thing you do is fix a budget. You would need to pay the florists, decorators, caterers, bakery, and the list does not end here. It all depends on your budget! How much are you willing to spend on a photographer? Do fair bit of research before hiring someone!

Some photographers will offer a discounted package that includes videos and candid pictures. Opt for the discounted packages because these could help you save a lot of money!

Note: Before hiring a photographer, ask them about hidden charges. They should not disclose it at the end of the wedding day. No surprises/shocks, please!

#4 Experience counts!

How many years of experience does this photographer have? A seasoned photographer can handle stressful situations. They can multitask and most importantly, they  should be able to handle the pressure of getting the perfect shot in the camera.

Ask them about their experience and how many weddings they have covered!

#5 Any recommendations/existing clientele?

A well-known photographer will have a long list of existing clientele. You can check out their list of clientele or take a look at his/her work on social media. Thanks to tagging system on Instagram, couples usually tag the photographer on their wedding pictures.

Words from the Wise

Be wise and hire the best photographer for your big day! Do not get lured by the low price of amateurs. Always skim through the above-mentioned points and decide with a cool mind. Hiring professionals for the wedding is not a one-day task. Take your time, do a survey, research and then pay a booking amount.

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