Top 6 Things to Do at Thailand’s Best Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are, without question, among the most majestic animals to ever walk the planet. Their immense looming frame gives them a gravitas that is unmatched, making the mere act of standing in their presence a means to feel a sense of awe and wonder at something so powerful and graceful, all while retaining a playful side as well.

It is thus one of Thailand’s great honors to be home to some of the best nature preserves for elephants on the planet. According to the Chaing Rai Times even as poachers wickedly attempt to hunt elephants for ivory and other forms of short-sighted greed and malicious gain, those who dedicate their lives to the protection and preservation of these animals do so for the betterment not just of their lives but that of mankind.The story of humanity has only ever been enriched by elephants’ proximity to us and their place on the planet.

Visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary in Thailand can thus allow you to support a worthy cause in helping these great creatures, while simultaneously giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with them in the following ways.

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  1. Morning Visits

When you schedule a morning visit, you’ll be able to arrange for pickup at the airport in Bangkok and be taken directly to the elephant sanctuary. With the compressed time, every moment counts, and the staff will work to get you to the sanctuary and in the presence of the elephants as quickly as possible. Before you meet with them, however, you’ll want to change into traditional clothing, which the staff on hand will be more than happy to supply.

Following that, it’s a full morning of meeting, feeding, and communing with the elephants, a traditional Thai lunch, and a final farewell before being taken back to the airport.

  1. Afternoon and Overnight Visits

Visits that take place during the afternoon or feature overnight stays in the area follow a similar pace. No matter when you arrive in Thailand, therefore, you’ll be able to arrange a meeting at one of its ethical elephant sanctuaries.

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  1. Full Day Visits

If you are looking for the full elephant experience, you’ll want to book a full day visit. These visits not only allow for the activities to be longer and proceed at a more leisurely pace, but they also allow you to have more personal time with the elephants, which is of course the main attraction of these meetings.

  1. Elephant Walks

For example, if you book an elephant walk, you’ll be able to walk with the elephants through the jungle for a couple of hours. This is a unique opportunity to experience both the majesty of elephants as well as Thailand’s vast natural beauty in a memorable way.

  1. Mud Spas

Looking to kick back and relax? Taking a mud spa with an elephant can be a great way to indulge in some traditional Thai relaxation methods while still getting to enjoy your time with the elephants during your day with them.

  1. Photo Time

Last but not least, these tours afford plenty of opportunities to take pictures with the elephants. While the picture taking is naturally closely monitored for the elephants’ protection, there is still a great deal of freedom, and the pictures of your time with the elephants can be quite a conversation starter.

Even though pictures are worth a thousand words, however, a day with Thailand’s majestic elephants is enough to leave anyone speechless.


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