Top 7 Strains To Increase Creativity And Imagination

Cannabis has always had the reputation of triggering creativity in musicians, writers, or artists. Many creative thinkers and writers use cannabis as they feel it unleashes their imagination and allows the thought to run wild. If you are experiencing some creative block and feel like using weed, then there are thousands of strains you may wish to try. Each strain may spark some kind of reaction in everyone and the results may differ from one person to another. 

Do you feel like trying smoking the joint to let the creative juices flow, then you must find the perfect strain offering such an experience. Before exploring the different strains, let’s explore the link between cannabis and creativity. 

About Cannabis And Creativity

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The link between cannabis and creativity is talked about a lot. But, only limited studies indicate the influence of weed on your creativity. Cannabidiol in cannabis or weed may stimulate blood flow to your brain’s frontal lobe. Hence, it allows the neurons to fire up to trigger creative prowess in some people. The brain’s frontal lobe influences creative thinking. It makes you think outside the box. Also, weed can act as a creative maximizer by stimulating the specific area of your brain. The dose and strain you opt for will have an impact on the results you experience. Here are some of the popular options you can use by following a trial-and-error method.


Top Strains For Boosting Creativity And Imagination


While you have a lot of literature debating the effectiveness of weed in triggering creativity, the results may vary based on the person using it. You have different types of strains available at reputed platforms such as Just Cannabis Dispensary. Hence, you may feel overwhelmed to find the best strain. Here are our top picks for you. 

1. Lemon Cake

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This potent strain with a sweet and musky aroma gives you a creative high. This Sativa-dominant strain may increase your free-associative thinking. Taking this strain also gives your euphoric energy. If you wish to bring on a multitude of ideas for any problem, this strain can do the trick. It can also combat stress and make you feel good. Heightened creativity and an uplifted mood are courtesy of this strain.

2. Chemdawg


Chemdawg is a popular strain with mythical status. But, it has lost its genetic history. This hybrid strain has a cult status among cannabis users. Wondering why? It is because of the energetic high the strain offers. People who have used it have reported  the amplification of their ideas. It can make your mind race faster, which some may feel overwhelming. If you are amidst a brainstorming session, this strain can leave you focused, uplifted, and euphoric.

  3. Jack Herer

It is the notorious Sativa-dominant strain obtained from the hybrid crossing of Shiva Skunk, Haze hybrid, and Northern Lights #5. Named after the popular marijuana activist and writer, cannabidiol in this strain may offer physical and cerebral high. Using this strain may boost your creative mindset while making you feel relaxed. It may also feel like the perfect strain for better focus and high energy. For clear-headed creativity and blissfulness, this strain may feel perfect.

4.  Gelato

Also known as Larry Bird, this indica-dominant hybrid strain can leave you stimulated. Unlike other indica strains, it makes you high and has great potency. The strain obtained by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet will make you feel euphoric. You can experience heightened creativity without the typical haze of indica strains. Like its name, this strain can have a fruity aroma and may help you experience judgment-free creativity.

5. Sour Diesel

It is the popular hybrid Sativa dominant strain obtained by crossing Super Skunk and Chemdawg. It is fast-acting and uplifts your energy. It gives you a dreamy effect by stimulating brain activity. It is preferred by people in a group setting as users feel chatty. When you use it alone, it may make a connection with unrelated topics.

6. Alaska Thunder Grape

As the name suggests, you need to brace yourself while using this evenly balanced hybrid strain. It contains 50% Sativa and 50% indica due to crossing MTF and Grape Ape. It offers a calming sensation. But, you can experience the swirling of ideas when you take the strain. 

While the strain stimulates your brain, it may bring out paranoia or anxiety. It is the favorite of people who want to feel good without any judgment clouding their minds.

7. Banjo


Are you trying to get cerebral stimulation? Then, Banjo strain may make you feel receptive, uplifted, and euphoric. It is the perfect strain obtained by the hybrid cross of Tangelo and the Boost to make you see the thoughts you may have in a new light. Many believe it has a deep-rooted connection to the insight of their ideas. Hence, a person using it can experience free association thinking between unconnected topics. It feels like the most effective strain for a stimulating and productive high.


Many artists have openly embraced their love for cannabis. For centuries, weed may have sparked the creativity of writers, artists, and filmmakers. But, remember, while Indica strains can calm you, Sativa-strains can soar your imagination. Try to find the right dose to get the desired effect with professional help. For people trying to get out of a creative rut, these strains may offer the much-needed push.

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