Top 8 Tips For Booking A Wedding Band

The day of the wedding is the day when you don’t want any disappointment. You want everything to go the way you have imagined. This is the reason why it involves a lot of planning. Keeping the guests entertained is an important part of wedding planning. There are several things you should keep in mind before booking a wedding band. 

Just like wedding themes, there are some music or dance bands based on some theme. For example, you can find an 80’s cover band in San Francisco bringing you the music and dance experience of the 80s. Depending on your budget, culture and theme of the wedding, you want to book the right wedding band. In this article, we bring you the top 8 tips for booking a wedding band. 

Consider The Theme And Setting 

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If you want your wedding to be a vintage-inspired wedding then you can book an 80s cover band in San Francisco. Beach, rustic, romantic, outdoors/garden, classic/traditional, vintage, vineyard and contemporary and glamorous are some of the most common wedding themes. So, choose the wedding band accordingly. 

Consider The Available Space 

The space you need depends on the size of the band. For example, if you are booking a seven-piece band, you need plenty of space. On the other hand, smaller acts require less space.  

Book In Advance 

The last-minute deals are always expensive. And, you will not be left with too many options. So, always book your 80’s cover band in San Francisco in advance, especially if it is a popular 80s cover band. If your wedding is on the busiest days of the year, you have to book in advance.

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What time do you want them to start

Most of the wedding bands tailor their timings according to the needs of the wedding couple. Just tell them the timing and allow them to set up everything. 

Consider the time they need to set up

The time required to set up the band depends on its size and the space available in the venue. Some venues have dedicated area for the entertainment where you can set up the band. On the other hand, if there is no such dedicated area, you have to plan accordingly. 

Check for sound restrictions

This is something you can’t ignore. Make sure that the wedding venue doesn’t have a sound limiter. The sound limiter cuts the main power supply if the level of sound exceeds a certain level for six seconds. So, check for the sound restriction before booking the wedding band.  

See the performance of the band 

Many bands also perform at local gigs. This is the best chance for you to make sure that the band can deliver what it promises. You should avoid booking a band through an agency. You may not be able to see the performance of the band before booking. 

Have a contract 

Have a contract describing details such as space requirement, cancellations policies and more. 

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