Top Mystery And Suspense Movies You Can Watch

Have you been tired of searching for some amazing mystery and suspense movies that you can watch with your near and dear ones? Well, we have got your back. Here in this piece you will get to know some absolute fantastic movies which we bet you will love watching. Hence, grab a bottle of beer, sit back, and relax. You are going to have a fun time.

List of the best suspense and mystery movies

Let’s get started without any further ado. We have left no stone unturned to curate the best lost for you guys.

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1.c Mulholland Drive:


You can watch this amazing movie at Amazon Prime for sure. The story is directed by David Lynch. This one is a mystery one where a character named Laura Harring is not able to remember anything. Basically, she lost her memory after she met with an accident. However, she is in complete favor of another character named Naomi Watts who wanted to pursue acting. Now, this actress tries her level best to solve the mystery of Laura’s identity. As both of them head together to find the truth, both of them end up being a part of the Hollywood industry. Interesting right? Wait no more and watch this mystery movie without any further ado.


2. Vertigo:

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Again, this one is available at Amazon Prime. It begins with a character named Jimmy Stewart who plays the role of a private detective. This one is a classic cult detective movie which by the way a number of people like to watch. Another character named Kim Novak who by the way is the wife of the client, hires the services of Alfred Hitchcock. This one is surely a movie where you will find suspense, madness, and entertainment for sure.


3. Knives Out:

This amazing movie is available on Amazon Prime too. Directed by Rian Johnson, this movie was made to pay a tribute to the Whodunits of the decades. This is a movie where you will come across a lot of mystery. A character named Dniel Craig is a detective who is hired by a client so that a death puzzle of another character named Harian Thrombey who by the way is a novelist can be solved. This movie is a must watch if you like watching content that has too much suspense in it.


4. Sherlock Holmes:

This one can be found on both Amazon Prime and Netflix. This one is one of the most favorite movies of so many out there. Basically a detective fiction, this movie was bought by a guy named Ritchie to the big scream. The characters who are in lead are Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. in the movie, Dr. Watson ries best to solve the mystery of a character named Lord Blackfoot. Everyone thinks that he came from a grave and has wrong intentions. This movie will surely keep you in suspense until the movie comes to an end.


5. The Fugitive:

Available on Amazon Prime, this is a remake of a very famous TV series. In this movie, Harrison Ford is the one who played the role of Dr. Ricard Kimble’s role. He is someone who is popularly blamed for the murder of his own wife. What he basically does is tries to find the murderer but ends up falling in a mess. The movie is nominated for seven Academy awards for seven times till date.


6. Seven:

For those of you who want to watch this movie, you can find this one on Amazon Prime very easily. To start with, the movie has all the stuff of pride, gluttony lust, wrath, and sloth. The characters of detectives were played by two individuals named Brad Pitt and Morgana Freeman. Both of them work together so that they find the serial killer. This movie is horror yet fun to watch. You will be really excited to watch the end.


7. The Third Man:

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime and Vudu. The movie is started with a character named Joseph Cotton who basically is an American man. What he does is he goes to Vienna and Austria because a friend of his offers him a secured job. However, he gets shocked when he finds out that an old friend of his named Harry Lime is dead. But when he finds out the one who is actually guilty, he is in complete shock.


8. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

If you are interested in watching this movie, you can find it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. This one is a must watch. Two years back an American version of this movie was released and loved by many. The movie starts with a character named Daniel Craig who plays the role of a journalist. Another character named Lisbeth Salander is the hacker in the movie. The entire story goes around both the characters finding out about a woman who has disappeared all of a sudden.


9. Shutter Island:

Visit Netflix and Amazon Prime if you want to see this movie. This one is directed by a superb director named Martin Scrosese. He has done justice to this movie as it is thrilling and mysterious at the same time. One of the best performances was given by Leonardo DiCaprio who has played the role of Teddy Daniel. He was sent to an asylum for a crime he conducted with Chuck, his crime partner. He was trying to find out the most impossible case where the killer disappeared. In no time they are able to find the facts that made things simple.


10. The Da Vinci Code:

To all those who want to watch this movie, you can find this at Netflix itself. Before moving forward, let us tell you that the movie is based on a novel. Basically Da Vinci Code is a mystery related to a murder that took place in Paris. The case was hidden for some time until and unless Tom Hanks, the detective finds out about it.


11. The Game:

Watch the movie on both the platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime. This one will not let you take your eyes off the screen even for a second. Directed by David Fincher, this movie starts with a character named Nicholas Van Orton who is one of the famous bankers in San Francisco. Now this character was haunted by the death of his father who commits suicide at the age of forty five. The case was solved finally by a detective that was played by Michael Douglas.


12. The Usual Suspects:

You can have access to hsi movie on Amazon Prime itself. Released in the year 1995, this is a cult classic with an ending no one expected. You will come across a plethora of twisted plots that will leave you in suspense all the time. Nevertheless one of the most amazing tricks you will see is where the devil tried to convince the entire world that he is dead.


13. Identity:

Watch now on Amazon Prime. This is a movie which is inspired by a novel which was written by Agatha Christie. The movie shows how a model is isolated in the Nevada Desert with nine other people and how a storm hits badly. All of a sudden you will see how he turns into a killer and ends up killing many of them yet finding new relationships that he neer thought about.


14. The Sixth Sense:

This is one of the best mystery movies you will ever come across. Directed by M.Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis, this movie starts with a role of a psychologist who meets Joel Osment, a poy who has complete faith in perceiving people who are dead. One thing that will keep you behold for a very long time is nothing but the drama that takes place. This movie was nominated for the Oscars because of the unexpected ending.


15. The Gone Girl:

Filled with thriller action, this one is considered as one of the most mysterious movies. This movie is about a man who is in search of his wife. However, he is the one who is found guilty according to the clues that were left behind.


16. Murder on the orient express:

This is a film where Kenneth Branagh has done justice to the character. The entire movie cast keeps you behold until the end. The name of the movie says it all which is why it is easy to understand that it is a mysterious one. The entire movie is shooted in a train which becomes the crime scene until and unless the train reaches its final destination. 

The Key Takeaways

These are some of the suspense and mystery movies you can surely consider watching. We bet you will like them all. However, if you keep on searching for more mystery and suspense movies, you will surely find more of them. We recommend watching the movies mentioned above. You will surely like them and find them interesting. Seek the internet and search for movies that are not only hold suspense and mystery but will grab all your attention without any further ado.

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