Top Problems Building a Business Website

A successful professional business website serves as the most essential asset these days. It provides a platform to tell your story, showcase your achievements while selling products. Building a business website isn’t just about purchasing a domain name along with a few product pages. In fact, it takes exceptional web designing toronto, web development, content creation, and search engine optimization for generating revenue as well as getting clients.

It has been found that more than half of small business owners manage their website themselves to save money, but end up losing hundreds of potential customers. Let us have a look at top problems while building and maintain a business website.

Maintaining Budget

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Planning a website with a limited budget for newbie businesses is the ultimate challenge. Do you see yourself spending more than $4000 for contracting a professional website designer tronto? What about the expenses of getting a regular content writer? Have you calculated the costs of purchasing a domain name and SSL certificate? From hosting to maintenance, you need to calculate the costs of every essential service.

While planning, you can select some aspects which can be added at a later stage – for example, it is not mandatory to start a blog on Day 1 for e-commerce websites. Along with this, you can take help from your photographer friends or siblings to click high-quality professional photographs for your website at a minimal price. Also, find a good digital marketing agency that caters to all your needs at a discounted price.

Getting Higher Rankings in Search Engines

Do you know that outdated content can be one of the culprits behind why your website is ranking lower on search engines? Poor SEO means your site won’t be easily discovered by search engines and hence only limited people will be able to access your products. As beginners, your brand is not a household name yet, so you need to use every resource to your advantage to be on the first page of Google searches.

Earning the trust of visitors

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Being a newbie in the business world, it becomes quite difficult to earn the trust of customers, especially when your competitors are also selling similar products. What makes a first-time visitor trust you? The answer to this question is happy and satisfied testimonials from your old and loyal buyers. Positive product reviews are another excellent method for earning the trust of new buyers as well as strengthening your business. So, while designing your business website, you need to include these features.

Social Media Engagement

So, you managed to build a great website but chose not to build official social media accounts for your brand. One-third of the world’s population uses social media and hence you will automatically limit the reach of those people without social media engagement. Not only this, but social media is also considered as an extremely powerful tool in the digital marketing world.

Apart from this, the presence of official accounts on various platforms will build credibility among new visitors, and they will be able to share your products with family and friends.

Mobile-Friendly Design

A book is judged by its cover when it comes to website designing. No matter how much aesthetically appealing your website is while viewing on the website, if it isn’t mobile-friendly, you will end up losing revenues. It is a well-known fact that poor user experience is the first reason that makes the users leave the website immediately.

Many small business owners make the mistake of using free templates and overlook the significance of having a responsive design. However, a simple and clean responsive design is the investment that your online business requires for the future success of your brand.

No Call to Action

If you ask me, ‘what is the massively overlooked item for majority business websites’, my answer will be the failure to add a call to action. Without this simple option, the visitors who fumbled upon your website’s blog via an external link will simply read the content and leave. Do you want them to only read your blogs? Isn’t selling products and generating revenue your primary motive?

Call to action is very critical for getting maximum engagement of visitors. At the bottom of every page, just add a simple ‘email me’ option or you can go with the ‘download our free guide’ or ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ option. The missing call to action in form of images, texts, or buttons is the side effect of poor website design and can affect your bounce rate as well as Google ranking.

Grammatical Errors and Typos

You will be surprised to know that many well-established sites can have grammatical errors on their website. This aspect is ignored by maximum business owners while building their e-commerce website. Grammatical errors can create the impression of your business as sloppy. If your visitors can spot typos, especially on the homepage, it will leave a negative impression and the chances of them converting into potential customers will become nil.

If writing used to be your strong suit during college, then you can maintain your website blog yourself in the beginning. However, once the number of customers visiting your website starts increasing, it would be beneficial to hire an experienced content writer to create engaging content for your blog.

Also, do you really want to take the headache of writing thousands of product descriptions yourselves? A talented editor and writer team will make every possible effort to make your business stand out with their industry-specific insight experience.

Lack of Technical Team

Without professional IT support or the absence of designated technical support staff, the risk of security breaches increases manifolds. Do not commit the mistake of fixing all possible errors yourself, unless you are experienced and professionally qualified.

One possible solution to this problem is to check with your web designers or developers if they offer monthly maintenance services. They might be able to perform software and plugin updates along with regular backups while taking care of broken links to ensure the safety of data on your website for a minimal fee.

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