Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring The Best Architect In Seattle

Craving to finally have that dream house you have imagined to live in for years? Have everything set except for knowing how to get the best architect in Seattle? Don’t worry as these sets of questions will definitely make you get the best residential architect in Seattle.

Questions To Ask To Get The Best Architect:

1. What made you feel like becoming an architect?

 It is very important to know if the person who you are thinking of hiring has a passion for architecture in him or her. If the person was forced to become an architect, or if becoming an architect wasn’t that person’s first priority, then maybe that person isn’t right for your lalaland. This is because the person might not show his full interest in the job and just do it because he has to. This feeling of having a burden can reflect on his work which will ultimately cause you trouble.

2. What process did you follow to become an architect?

Now, one might think that this question is a bit strange or personal, but you need to know the career history of the person you are hiring for the job of an architect. In this question you can know about the university from where he got his degree or the internship programs, he followed up to become an architect. This is a very basic question that is a must to ask before hiring an architect in Seattle.

3. What is your work experience? 

Another very important question before hiring a residential architect in Seattle is to know about the work experience. This question will help you know about the types of work the architect has done and the capabilities and skills they carry. By looking at the previous works, you can easily judge whether the person qualifies for the job of building your house or not.

4. Is there anything special in you that makes you different from others?

By asking about the specialty, you have to ask about the specialty in the architectural field. Try to know more and more and gather as much information as you can about the person and make a list of the pros they have. By doing this, it will be easier to choose one from the many options that you will have

5. What payment are you expecting?

Before hiring someone to do remodeling in Seattle, it is very necessary that you know how much pay the architect is expecting. One needs to make sure that the cost of the architect will fit in their budget or not. So, by asking this question, one can easily make out whether the work of an architect is pocket-friendly or not.

Important note:

Make sure that the architect who you are willing to hire listens to you. If he is not comfortable with answering these simple questions, then there is no guarantee that he will work according to you.


So, these were some important questions and points that you need to keep in mind before hiring an architect in Seattle. Make sure to follow this guide and you will find the perfect architect for your dream house.

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