Top six reasons to choose dedicated servers

Plenty of hosting options are available for startup owners. These options range from shared, private, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers to cloud and virtual private servers. Every service model has its strength and weaknesses. When it comes to choosing a hosting service provider, company owners are tending to make a common mistake. Instead of evaluating the pros and cons of specific service model, they consider the price.

Among these service models, dedicated servers are competent to offer all the benefits; startup owners are looking to improve their infrastructure. Whether a business needs a reliable hosting for handling a heavy traffic website or an organization needs secure storage with maximum connectivity for its sophisticated business software; dedicated storage has the potential to execute their requirements.

Though best performance is the primary factor making dedicated data storage; a most suitable choice for enterprises; here I am sharing few critical reasons for choosing dedicated data storage.

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Reasonable cost in the end

Despite being costly as compared to other hosting solutions, a dedicated hosting service offers its users a range of benefits like enhanced productivity, unmatched security and reliability. Paying extra money on the private server will give users complete peace of mind by assigning them dedicated resources. This will maximise the website performance. In contrast to that shared servers don’t promise to keep website accessible all the time. If a server machine goes down due to technical issues, the situation will be out of control. You will have to wait until the problem is resolved. Zero performance issues make dedicated hosting perfect for those  

Alignment with company goals

If you are choosing a dedicated data storage, you will be allowed to use it according to your company requirements. Whether their goal is to draw more traffic, readers or visitors to your corporate website or you want to enhance the continuity and speed of your business processes; you can do it effortlessly. Freedom to manage your website and software will eventually increase the overall performance of web application.

Exclusive IP address

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As servers are not shared among different clients, unique IP is given to every single client. If you are hosting your website on the shared server, you not only share the space and resources but also share the IP with your neighbour. You never know your host is running a spam site and sharing IP with a spam site will push your website down in search engine ranking. Exclusive IP is critically important if you are running an e-commerce website. You will need SSL for credit card processing, which is impossible to obtain with a shared IP address.

Comprehensive system control

As you are the sole owner of CPU, power and cooling supplies attached to your servers, you can use these resources according to your requirements. Whether it’s delegating data storage space or balance the load on the server machine, you are allowed to do it accordingly.

Flexibility to customise servers

Private servers offer enterprises root access to data storage; data owners can decide on their own to store and run web-applications, software and tools they want. They do not face any restrictions to divide the storage space. Clients can demand CPU, RAM and disk space according to their requirements.  

Freedom to select the operating system

If you have previously used shared hosting, you will understand the difficulty to select the right web hosting environment. You will have limited or no options to make any changes in the server environment. You have no choice other than uploading your website, software and app on existing infrastructure. Incompatible processor-intensive scripts can be disastrous and hinder the performance of your website and software.

In contrast to that dedicated hosting will enable you to customize the server environment according to your requirements. From choosing a platform to selecting software you need, you can configure your server on your own.

These are few top reasons making dedicated servers the best choice for business owners seeking for quality and optimal reliability with exclusive control.

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