Top Tips for Businesses Making the Move to the Cloud

Preparing to make the transition to the cloud can be an arduous affair without the right preparation, no matter the business in question. 

If this is the one-billionth time you have heard the cloud mentioned in the last month or so, it might be down to the digital transformation accelerating faster than previously thought. 

To make sure you do not miss out on the many benefits the cloud has to offer, and to help you manage to make the move as smooth as possible, here are some top tips you may want to read on your journey to the digital world. 

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You Can Start Off Small

Instead of transitioning your entire company and all of its operations over in one massive leap, you could always start off small and move some of the less essential parts over first. 

This can help you get used to in the first place, and it makes use of one of the best traits the cloud has to offer: Its scalability. 

You can make a complete move in one go if you want to of course, but this might be jarring for your employees and take a while to get used to, perhaps dampening your productivity. 

  • Make sure processes that depend on being connected to others are moved carefully, as separating them might cause them to stop functioning!

Make Sure Your Employees Are Onboard

The digital skills gap is a problem that many companies have had to face over the last few years, particularly the ones who have been forced into adopting a remote workforce. 

Making sure your employees are up to speed is a must, as this can ensure that no one is left out of the move. 

If you need some extra help with training your workforce, you can even utilize cloud learning itself with some wonderful AWS training opportunities. This way, you can give your staff members a hands-on experience. 

Managing Downtime

Throughout your time moving to the cloud, you may need to brace for the storm of potential downtime if your services need to go offline for a while. 

Making sure that your finances are able to withstand this is a must. For smaller businesses who may need to keep a closer eye on their finances, it may be worth taking a long-term approach to the journey and building up a financial buffer before making the leap. 

Not All Apps Can Successfully Migrate

There is every chance that some of your legacy applications will be incompatible with your new cloud-based company infrastructure, but there is no need to panic, sometimes big changes are a must, so don’t be too afraid to get rid of extremely customized apps in favor of modernization. 

One of the cloud’s greatest enticements is its flexibility, so coming up with a plan to maximize this benefit, rather than hinder it with legacy technology should be the best approach. 

There are some great alternatives to this however, such as taking a multi-cloud approach, or even upgrading your legacy tech alongside your cloud efforts. Whatever you end up doing, adopting a forward-thinking approach to the world of modern business should be able to help you thrive. 

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