Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden and Lawn Weed Free

When it comes to garden maintenance, top tips for keeping your garden and lawn weed-free are very important. In fact, the most common reason why gardens become uncontrollable is due to weeds taking over the desired areas of the garden. Weed growth is not only unsightly; it can also be very harmful to the health of the plants you are trying to grow. There are many different ways to keep your garden and lawn weed-free, including:

Determine if your garden has an ideal foundation

One of the easiest ways to keep your garden and lawn weed-free is to make sure that your garden has a great start to finish. This means that your garden should begin with a clean slate, otherwise known as an ideal soil foundation. The easiest way to determine if your garden has an ideal foundation is by looking at the centre of a garden soil sample. If the centre of the soil sample has what appears to be weeds growing in all directions, then your soil has a poor foundation.

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Find ways to improve the soil

Another way to ensure that your garden is weed-free is to improve the soil. By adding fertiliser and compost to your soil, you will help to prevent weed seeds from germinating and sprouting. To apply fertiliser, simply apply it to the soil in layers, especially near the base of the weeds. This will help ensure that they don’t have a seedling below the soil surface to start with.

In order for plants to thrive, they need good soil. Poor soil will cause many unwanted plant diseases, and weeds can even develop. Make sure that you have a good organic soil mix and test it regularly for nutrient levels. Organic mulch will also add nutrients back into your soil and prevent erosion.

 Trim the weed growth regularly

One of the most important tips for keeping your garden and lawn weed-free is to trim your weed growth regularly. Trimming your weed growth keeps them from spreading. When trimming, make sure that you don’t just cut away any thicker and larger leaves. Instead, take them all off, and leave behind only the centre growing part. Doing this will keep the weed seed from being able to grow and spread out, resulting in healthy, beautiful garden soil.

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Choose between natural and chemical solutions

There are many different types of chemicals available to you for the purpose of killing unwanted plants. However, these chemicals can be harmful to your plants and can be harmful to the soil. For this reason, many people prefer to use natural methods for weed control, which are less harmful to plants and soil. One of the best tips for keeping your garden and lawn weed-free is to plant flowers and vegetables that do not need pesticides to grow. Also, be sure to water your plants well during dry days, which will help keep the soil moist, which is one of the main requirements for healthy plants.

Keep a nice lawn surface

Another tip for keeping your garden and lawn healthy is to keep a nice lawn surface. Many people neglect their lawns, which can result in an unhealthy lawn. When your lawn is unkempt, it will attract harmful insects, such as moles and aphids, which will destroy your plants. You will also have problems watering your plants when they are not getting the necessary amount of water to grow. Having a healthy lawn surface will help your plants stay healthier and live longer, which results in healthier plants and healthy garden soil.

Make sure to regulate the frequency of mowing

Another tip for keeping your garden and lawn weed-free is to regulate the frequency of mowing. Mowing lawns too short can result in “long grass”, which is not only unsightly but also makes it hard for you to mow the lawn efficiently. Mowing too long can also result in you losing the greenery in your yard. One way to combat this is to mow your lawn no more than three to four inches longer than the grass grows. This also helps prevent the presence of weeds, which can sometimes make it too difficult to mow your lawn. Visit Calgary today and know more about their products and services that can help you with your lawn.

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