Top Ways to Improve Your Netgear Router Speed

Netgear WiFi router can make a huge difference to your existing internet speed. But sometimes, users complain that they are not getting the maximum speed that their Netgear router is capable of. In the event that you are also bothered by the sluggish speed of your Netgear WiFi router, you have come across the right post. Here, we will shed some light on the best ways to improve your Netgear router speed and performance. Keep reading.

How to Improve Netgear Router Speed?

  • Automate a Reboot Schedule

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A majority of newer Netgear wireless routers don’t need to be rebooted on a regular basis. Nonetheless, in case you have ever run into a dead internet connection, all it takes to reboot your WiFi router to get it back up and running.

Do you find yourself rebooting your Netgear wireless router with any regularity? Well, the newer routers have timed reboot feature. You can set your router to reboot once in a day while you are sleeping or enjoying breakfast in your lawn. Thus, you will never even come across the downtime when the router turns off and starts back up. You can automate the reboot schedule by accessing the web interface.

  • Experiment With the Router Location

Another thing to improve Netgear router speed is to check its location. Given that the router competes with every other 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz device in your locality, little movements can make a massive difference. In addition to this, the building material of your home might interfere with the WiFi signals of your router. Solid concrete walls are extremely difficult for a WiFi signal to pass through.

Therefore, place your Netgear wireless router while keeping the aforementioned things in mind.

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  • Change the Channel Width

What about the best Netgear router settings to enhance speed on your local network? For example, how will you make a video stream between your devices in a faster way?

In such a scenario, changing the channel width is the best router configuration for local speed. The wider the width, the more your devices will undergo interference. So, just log in to your Netgear router’s web configuration panel using IP and change the channel width as per your requirements.

  • Install a New Antenna and Make Your Router Faster 

The next step to take your Netgear router speed to the next level is to invest in a new antenna. Most consumer-grade routers include an antenna that is just appalling. An amplified aftermarket antenna is a great choice to improve the speed of your Netgear router.

  • Change Your Network Name and Password

Around 85% of users still use the default network name or SSID and password. As a result, anybody can connect to their Netgear router’s network and steal their bandwidth. In turn, they just left with the crawling WiFi speed.

Using a strong WiFi password is pretty important. Choose a random password for your network that doesn’t include any of your personal information like your name, home address, birth date, your spouse’s birthday, mobile number, etc. In order to change the SSID and password of your Netgear router, navigate to the Nighthawk router login web-based page and hit the WiFi Settings option. Now, enter the new SSID and password you want to keep. Once done, leave the page by clicking on the Apply button.

  • Keep Your Router Updated

One of the most unnoticed methods to improve Netgear router speed is to ensure that it is always running the latest firmware version. Without a doubt, the firmware updates come with security fixes; it doesn’t mean that they are going to suddenly make your device blazing fast. Still, they help a lot in making your Netgear router faster.

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