Tower of Fantasy: How to Get to and Depart the Artificial Island

New to Tower of Fantasy is the Synthetic Island zone, a smaller but even now expansive location stuffed with Nuclei, functions, a new boss, and plenty of secrets. Realizing all of that, you could be pondering how to get there.

The Synthetic Island is not out there to every person immediately, and you will have to have to shell out some major time in the base video game before you can obtain the new area. These limitations are for the ideal, even though the Artificial Island hosts some of the more difficult issues offered in the sport. Here’s what you need to have to know. 

How to Accessibility the Synthetic Island

You will need to meet two core prerequisites to obtain the Artificial Island.

  • Development to Chapter 2 in the tale campaign.
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  • Get to Wanderer Stage 50. As leveling is time-gated, this will take you some time. See our how-to-stage-up rapid tutorial for supplemental assist there.
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As soon as you’ve achieved the two of individuals milestones, head to the Banges Dock you traveled to at the begin of Chapter 2. When you make it there:

  • Head to your Benefits Tab.
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  • Decide on Artificial Island on the still left sidebar.
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This will pull up the “Kalador’s Invitation” display. Simply click Go to get instructions to communicate to Kalador, president of Banges and creator of the Artificial Island, close to his airship.

Head up to the airship and to the Island, the place Kalador will walk you by a short quest chain. He’ll introduce the different construction web sites that will make up your base and then send you to a nearby Hyena camp. Oddly, you really don’t have to combat the Hyena enemies there, just get to their camp.

Return to Kalador at this stage for a little far more tutorial, and then you’ll be totally free to check out with impunity.

Take note that you really don’t have to full Kalador’s aspect quest to in fact participate in any Synthetic Island things to do. Nonetheless, the markers won’t disappear from your HUD right until you complete the quest chain. If you can stand to have an extra blue dot on your display screen at all moments, then do not stress about these latter measures, but they’re an great introduction to the new techniques.

How to Leave the Synthetic Island

When you want to go away the Synthetic Island, you’ll need to have to return to your foundation and interact with the airship there. There is no way to speedy travel between it and Asperia, so be confident to grab the Spacerift in the vicinity of the ship.

Now you have received accessibility to the latest content material in the world wide customer of Tower of Fantasy. There are dozens of added several hours of farming, raiding, and development on the Artificial Island, so just take your time exploring and continuing your progression. For a enjoyment new way to get all around the game, test out our guides to the Maglev Stalker and Monocross Unicorn Mount. Our Tower of Fantasy guides hub has a lot more.

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