How to Train the Obese Clients?

Have you been working with the overweight clients these days? Well, training an overweight client can be a bit challenging task. As a personal trainer, you need to stay always prepared for motivating your client and designing new workout regime depending on the progress they show with time. There is a no single standard way to train these individuals. You will have to make use of the regression approach (which is generally taught during the fitness courses in Mumbai) which is considered to quite an effective technique.

Broadly speaking, this technique majorly helps in improving the overall strength and flexibility prior to any physical activity because any exercise they try to do must be performed correctly before incorporating weight. Making them do weight training too quickly may result in joint pressure or injury if defective effort forms are existent under substantial resistance.

Well-designed resistance training for daily accomplishments is the perfect technique to confirm customers are able to equate their exercise improvements with day to day activities. It also helps make sure customers try to understand and build an affirmative association to workout. This is reason why even more and more commercial gyms, health clubs, and fitness centres are putting major emphasis on hiring personal trainers who have undertaken proper proficient fitness courses in Mumbai and have experience in training the overweight clients. Of course, the reason is quite obvious. They can’t take the risk of allowing a non-qualified trainer or amateur to train clients who need special attention.

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The key is to make use of the given below exercises as these will help your obese clients in improving their overall synchronization, strength, flexibility and motor skills. Beside this, when you decide to make your client do the next exercise you need to keep a check on the duration of time your client is spending to complete one set of the exercise. As it will play a crucial role in deciding the next exercise level bearing in minds the person’s ability to move. When the client shows superb movement abilities, he or she can make headway to the next exercise. However, be mindful about creating the sets and repetitions depending on your client’s stamina level and the duration of the program.

Let’s have a look at some of the exercises that can help you train your client in a better way:

Bend and Lift Movement:

Some of the most effective bend and lift movement exercises that you can include in the workout program of your client are:

  • Glute bridges
  • Squat up and down with the use of a bench
  • Squat up and down holding minimum weight
  • Body weight squat
  • Squat with medicine ball

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Single Leg Based Exercises:

  • Static lunges
  • Alternating lunges
  • Step up on a chair with hip flexion

Push Exercises:

  • Chest press
  • Push-ups

Are you trying to find out different ways to improve your personal training skills? Get started with the new journey by upgrading your knowledge. Enroll in fitness courses in Mumbai and train overweight clients with more confidence.

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