Travelling in South India Must Know Top 3 State

Each state in the south of India has a number of places you must visit each and every one of them is famous for something concrete. For example, who has not heard of the backwaters of Kerala? And the magnificent palace that is wrapped each night in the brightness of hundreds of light bulbs in the heart of Karnataka. Not to mention those temples whose doors are a kind of pyramid covered with dozens of sculptures and that can be seen in Tamil Nadu.

Three states that occupy the south of one of the most amazing countries in the world and that offer the traveler landscapes, architecture and culture different from each other. From the modern Kerala, the state where elected the first Communist government of the world, to Tamil Nadu, probably the most spiritual corner of India. Choose the perfect route is complicated, will depend on the time that a think devote to explore this part of India and of the interests. There will be those who prefer the beaches with palm trees of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, others will choose go from temple to temple, and some of the decanted by shopping in the modern Bangalore.


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Tamil Nadu

This is the state where the traveler can feel and contemplate the most ancient traditions of India. It is home to one of the oldest civilizations of mankind. In the heart of their temples you can attend ceremonies that have been held since centuries ago. Tamil Nadu live with one foot in the s. XXl and the other in the literature of one of the oldest languages of the Earth. On a trip to this southern state in India you can visit some of the most impressive temples of India. Colonial cities where the French ambience has reached our days. Travel across cities with a valuable heritage unique in India built thanks to merchants in the area. You can also enjoy the sea, the food, of palaces and landscapes where the rice fields reflect each day the sun set.

Tamil Nadu is one of the most unknown of Southern India. But also one of those who make you feel the most comfortable and quiet. Here no child shall pursue thee asking for money or candy. Life in the cities and towns of this southern state is relaxed, and that seems to be contagious.



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The state of the beaches, palm trees and the tea plantations, of the backwaters and the kathakali. Here the old culture remains, but in the shadow of the state at the head of India. Here was chosen in the decade of the 50 the first Communist government of the world. Its literacy rate is above 90%, and the infant mortality rate is the fifth part than the national average. In Kerala you can breathe peace and you’ll have to be prepared to enjoy the nature.

Kerala is the state of Southern India more known among the travelers. The channels through which sail boats rice are the dream of many. A landscape in which palm trees, boats and peoples are mixed. When you know that place the time seems to stop with as much calm as you breathe. And that is something that happens in very few places of India.

Also in Kerala you can enjoy good Kathakali performances, sea side walking, exploring tea plantations in the mountains and palm tree next to the sea it’s all beautiful.



With a great variety of cultural and natural, this state offers options for all tastes. You find here Temples, beaches, monuments, natural parks and one of the most modern cities of India Bangalore. If you travel to these three states in southern India will realize that has nothing to do with each other.

When you get to Karnataka you live behind the landscapes of palm trees. The impressive large and  old temples. And will return to India agitated in which it seems that the volume is several tones above that of Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Karnataka is a beautiful destination having so many attractions.

Even so, complete a South India trip with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train is a great idea. Here also there are beautiful temples, palaces and unique places that are on the list of World Heritage Sites. In addition, although in Karnataka also makes heat, its temperature is always a few degrees below the neighboring Tamil Nadu.

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