Tremendous Robotic Wars’ Huckebein Mk-II HG Plamodel Will Start in 2023

Bandai declared at the 2022 All Japan Product & Passion Exhibit that it will release an HG plamodel of the Huckebein Mk-II from the Tremendous Robot Wars: Authentic Era collection in March 2023. The set will consist of the mech’s noteworthy armaments, this kind of as the Photon Rifle, Chakram Shooter, and G-Impact Cannon.

Huckebein Mk-II will be the fourth SRW OG mech to get an HG plamodel adaptation. Masaki Andoh’s Cybaster was the to start with device to have a plamodel launched in 2021. Kyosuke Nanbu’s Alteisen and the Gespenst followed match afterward.

The return of Huckebein has been a massive matter in the SRW user base. There was an alleged copyright situation involving the Huckebeins because of to their similarities in models with Gundams. The problem started when anime variations of Primary Generation started appearing in the late 2000s.

The anime versions released the Exbein as an option substitute with a distinct head style. Huckebein figures and plamodels had been also mysteriously taken down and no extended place on sale in Japanese stores all through the time period. Finally, the 2012 PS3 entry 2nd Super Robot Wars Initial Era featured one particular of the series’ most infamous scenes, in which Armala Burton and her Galilnagant wrecked nearly all prototype Huckebeins.

The latest Authentic Generations game to day, The Moon Dwellers, arrived out for the PS3 and PS4 in 2016. However, it nevertheless only involved the mass-generated Mk-II and the series derivatives, these as the Exbeins and Yon Jebana’s Pfeil III.

The Huckebeins would at some point return in the far more the latest non-OG titles. The authentic Huckebein appeared as a reward device in 2017’s Super Robotic Wars V, even though the 2021 title Tremendous Robotic Wars 30 starred a new mech termed the Huckebein 30. Collection admirers observed these developments as a signal that the copyright challenge had due to the fact been solved, especially soon after Bandai Namco acquired Gundam‘s license owner, Sotsu, in 2020.

Most not long ago, the ongoing mobile recreation Super Robot Wars DD brought back again the Huckebein from the OG collection. The “Last of Vanishing Trooper” scenario introduced in March 2022 advised a new tale about the beforehand mysterious third Mk-II device in the canon OG universe. The mech is also out there as a playable device with its check pilot Shizuki Shizukawa in the mobile match. The future model package will be made right after this device line.

The Super Robot Wars Initial Generation series’ Huckebein Mk-II HG plamodel will launch in 2023 with an MSRP of 4,950 yen (~$34).

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