Turn Your Office Space into the Garden of Eden for Workers

Strategically adding flora into your office space can boost worker productivity by 15%. While many research done in a laboratory setting have been pointing to this fact for years, it was not until 2014 that a study was conducted with the actual working conditions of an office. It laid to rest any lingering doubt about whether companies should invest in office plantscaping or not.

The benefit of having Indoor plant wall in the workplace is definitely no longer up for debate. The question companies ask now becomes: How should we do it, instead of Why. And here are some of the answers:

Putting Up An Indoor Plant Wall

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A vertical garden or plant wall is a gardening technique where the plants are grown vertically along the wall or a structure suspended against it. It gives the striking visual impression of having a wall made of vegetation. Succulents, small perennials, and ferns are some of the more popular choices for plant walls.

Aside from its usual advantages of improving employee health and productivity in the workplace, it improves the aesthetics inside your office significantly. It also conveys a message to prospective clients who come in for a meeting that yours is a socially responsible company that they can trust.

Exterior Vertical Garden

The plant wall not only belongs inside the building, but it can also do wonders from the outside. An exterior plant wall can help lower the temperature inside during harsh hot summers and provide added insulation during the cold weather. It also helps protect the integrity of the building from heavy rain and continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays. Same with the Indoor plant wall, the exterior vertical garden can help purify the air around the building while at the same time enhancing its curb appeal.

Outdoor Plants For Your Open Space

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Outdoor plants are a good way to encourage a feeling of peace and serenity even before people have entered the building. It also provides an outdoor space where tired or stressed employees can go for a quick break and decompress.

A carefully planned exterior vegetation can even help you drum up a new business. Along with the exterior vertical garden, outdoor plants help create a first impression on potential clients and customers. In addition, it still serves its primary purpose of improving health in the workplace by cleaning the air outside where it is needed the most.

Indoor Plants

Hiring indoor plants is another way to bring your employees closer to nature while working. It inevitably takes up valuable office space, which is its one disadvantage against an Indoor plant wall. However, you can be more creative in your options of indoor plants compared to vertical gardens. There are infinitely more types of plants or flowers to choose from. Even the choice of pot can be optimised to enhance the working atmosphere. The plants can be integrated seamlessly into your office design, complementing and enhancing it instead of looking out of place.

Choose One Or Choose All, With The Help Of a Professional

Depending on the size of your office, you can use any combination of these plant options to improve the working condition in your office. If you want professional help, there are also many plantscaping companies with experience and expertise in the field. With their help, you can turn your office into a place that would bring the best out of people, a garden of Eden for workers.

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