Twisted Doctor Secretly Donated His Sperm To Impregnate 78 Women

A twisted doctor from the Netherlands is making headlines across the globe after they secretly  donated their sperm to impregnate around 78 women.

It has been around 5 years since Dr. Jan Karbaat passed away when he was 89, but his legacy lives on.

The Dutchman was a fertility doctor at a sperm donor clinic in Barendrecht. 

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Twisted Doctor Secretly Donated His Sperm To Impregnate 78 Women

He was once regarded as a superstar by fellow medical professionals in the Rotterdam town, however his legacy was destroyed after it was revealed that he fathered kids by swapping out donor’s sperm for his own.

The worst thing about this is that the mothers did not know this and he did this without the permission of the women that he had impregnated. 

According to reports, he told the women that visited his clinic in the 1970s that the donors had to be anonymous.

At the time, it was not illegal to hide who the real donor was and the thing is, he himself was the donor. 

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After the agreements were signed, the doctor would inject his own sement into the women and the women had no clue that it was his. 

The acts of the cruel doctor were only revealed after his death in 2017.

His DNA was allowed to be tested and it was found out that he had secretly impregnated at least 78 women at the Bilijdorp medical center.

Right now, multiple investigators believe that the real figure is close to around 200.

Dr. Karbaat

When the twister doctor was alive, Dr. Karbaat said:

It’s sort of a challenge and you try to fulfil the wishes of the women so that they can have the baby they want. The challenge lies in making it work. It’s really like hunting.

The horrifying findings came to light after Kamil Baluk, a Polish Journalist, spent 3 years researching the career of Karbaat. 

In his book, which is named All Louis’ Children, which was published on the day of Karbaat’s death and was based on the interviews with the doctor, his clients and the kids that he had conceived. 

During an interview with the Vice News, Journalist Kamil said:

I went through the whole career of Karbaat. I really don’t think he was a good person but he did help a lot of people. It’s just deeper than one doctor lying to patients.

Throughout his career, Karbaat denied using his own sperm to impregnate the women who paid for his clinic’s services.

However everything changed in the 1990s and 2000s. 

People started showing up outside his house and demanded to know where the father of their little ones was.

The people had to wait until Karbaat died for the truth to emerge after a judge then granted permission to test out his DNA. 

Annerie Meul, who is 47, is one of her children and said that she only got to know about her real dad for 3 years. 

During an interview with Vice News, Annerie said: 

My parents had to sign a statement issued by Dr Karbaat that it would be in my best interest as a child to never ask who my biological father was. Half of who you are is missing. I’m not happy at all with what he did. I think it’s horrible. He really crossed all boundaries. He used sperm donors that were never supposed to be used. But I’m sincerely happy to have this man as my father.

The children of Karbat are embracing what happened.

According to multiple reports, the children of Karbat are calling themselves as the Karbastards. 

What are your thoughts on Karbat fathering so many kids? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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