Types of High Quality Composite Cladding Systems for House Renovation

In the modern construction and house renovation works, high quality composite cladding systems are mainly preferred. Apart from protecting the building from external wear and tear, it even provides aesthetic looks to the house. The cladding systems are available in various types and are composed of different features. The primary function of the cladding is to protect the exterior wall of the house from various climatic changes, especially the heavy rain.

Different Types of High Quality Composite Cladding Systems

  1. Weatherboard Cladding: With the name of the world cladding, this is the most common name, which comes into the mind. These are highly durable and mainly used for commercial purposes. No matter whatever is the type of substrate, weatherboard cladding can be used in any type. However, it requires annual maintenance to retain its efficiency.
  2. Stone: We normally find the stone-based high quality composite cladding systems, especially in the kiwi homes. The stones or the stone based panels used as the cladding system is for creating a focal point. This provides the perfect rural setting where the structure of stone blends with the prevailing landscape providing timeless looks.
  3. Vinyl Cladding: The vinyl based cladding systems are used when one does not want to spend time and money on its maintenance. The sheets composed of vinyl do not require any maintenance. The only requirement in such high quality composite cladding systems is to clean the cladding system timely so that the debris is not caught in it. Moreover, it is quite easy to add insulating material on vinyl cladding systems.
  4. Concrete and Plaster: The finishes of the concrete and plaster was mainly pioneered at the times of ancient Roman and Greeks. However, several changes have been made in the quality of finish of these types. Undoubtedly, it provides enriching looks to the walls, yet it is essential to choose the surface of the wall accordingly.
  5. External Foam: External foam is known as the external insulating cladding system. The extended form of polystyrene is used in this, which is combined with fiberglass. These are highly weather resistant and are easy to install, as well.

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composite cladding

Apart from the above mentioned five types of high quality composite cladding systems, there are other types as well. These mainly include brick, timber, and fibre cladding systems, and so on. Whichever type you choose for your external wall cladding, it is essential to seek expert’s suggestions. The entire selection should be done keeping in mind various points like budget, climatic conditions, surface of the wall, and so on.

Promising points about the High Quality Composite Cladding Systems

Mentioned below are few functions of the high quality composite cladding systems.

  • Protection from Climatic Conditions: The external weather forces greatly deteriorate the external wall of the building. The cladding systems play optimum role in protecting the walls of the house. When the external walls are safe, it consequently protections the interior architectural set up.
  • Provides Aesthetic looks to the Building: Several types of high quality composite cladding systems help in enhancing the looks of the buildings. Protection being the primary focus, next it provides modern looks to the old dull building.

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The entire function depends upon the quality of cladding material, which you choose. Architects nowadays duly prefer the installation of cladding systems. The durability of these materials play vital role in the protection and preservation of the buildings. While you are working on the new construction project or want the renovation of the old buildings, do look for cladding options, which will not only upgrade your house but also make it worth appealing.

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