Types of Cat Supplies

If you are searching for the highest quality cat supplies with an outstanding value, you may want to locate a number one stop for your feline supply needs.

Cat supplies are a remarkably important part of pet ownership. There are many types available, and this is by no means a long list.

These supplies are the things your cat needs to be healthy and happy. They include food, water, litter, toys, and grooming tools as indicated below:

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Cats are carnivores and need a diet rich in protein and fat. Many dry cat foods consist of grains, which are not as nutritious as real meat. Look for wet food or canned food that contains at least 70 percent animal-based protein.


Cats can become dehydrated quickly, so offer fresh water daily. Keep a bowl near your cat’s food dish, so it learns to drink after eating. 

Cats need fresh water every day, particularly older or sick. So, it is important to have a clean water bowl. 

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You can also get a water fountain that runs continuously to encourage drinking. Water fountains work well for some cats because they encourage drinking from running water, but others prefer still or moving water from a normal bowl.

If your cat prefers still water, look for clear plastic bowls that do not cloud with age as some colored ones do.

Litter Boxes and Litter

Most cats use litter boxes at some point during their lives. It’s important to keep these areas clean, so they don’t smell bad or get contaminated with bacteria or parasites that could make your cat sick.

Many types of litter boxes are available, including hooded models, which help contain odors, and self-cleaning models which require no maintenance. 

Some cats prefer unscented clumping clay litter, while others prefer scented clay litter or paper pellet litter.

Food Bowls

Cats prefer their food dish to be shallow to see out of it easily. You can buy special bowls for cats or use any type of bowl that is shallow enough for them to see out of it easily.

Consider size and shape as well as material. Plastic bowls are lightweight, but your cat can chew on them if they aren’t heavy enough. 

Stainless steel tends to be more durable than plastic but doesn’t come in as many colors or styles. Ceramic bowls are heavy enough that most cats won’t chew on them although some may try, and they are available in many different shapes and colors.


Cats love playing with toys, but not all toys are for cats! Look for durable toys that won’t break into pieces if they get chewed on by your cat. You can even make your toys using cardboard boxes or paper bags!

In Summary

If you love your cat, you will probably want to show it. These gifts and accessories let you do just that. And maybe you will even find a little something for yourself as well.

We collected the most popular cat supplies to help you find the best solution for taking care of your lovely cats.

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