9 Types Of Coaching. What Kind of Coach Can You Be?

The world is experiencing a boom in the coaching industry. Never before has the profession been any more popular or “hot”. There is a good reason for that after all, people have now become more open to personal development and self-improvement. It is now not embarrassing to go to a coach and work on yourself.

Having said that, there is a huge variety when it comes to the type of coach that you want to be. Ultimately, the answer lies with you, but in this article, I will acquaint you to the different kinds of coaching out there so that you can choose one which is best suited to you. So you might be asking: “How are you qualified to do that?”

Over the last decade, I have helped coaches from all over the world, from different niches establish their business online. Coming from this aspect it has given me a unique POV over what it takes to be a particular type of coach. In fact, this knowledge has helped me create a template that can help a coach from any niche to establish their business online (more on that in me free webinar below).

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What is a coach?

In my opinion, the definition of coach can be quite subjective. A coach can be your mentor, your accelerator, your teacher, your guide anything. But if I were to really simplify it, a coach is someone who takes a person from their current state to the state where they want to be at.

It could be a state where they have realised their career goals, a state where they have a lot of fulfilling relationships, or maybe, it’s a state where they experience inner tranquility and feel empowered. A coach helps you take this vision and manifest it into reality.

Why should you become a coach?

Being a coach is not an easy job, let’s get that clear right off the bat. Imagine being the person responsible for the other person to achieve their goals and dreams. Imagine being a conduit through which someone can attain their targets. The responsibility is huge and it is not strange for one to get overwhelmed by it.

However, if you are the kind of person who loves to have this kind of responsibility, if you are the type of person who gets satisfaction from giving themselves over completely to the service and happiness of others, if you are the kind of person who gets a smile on their face when they see the look of gratitude on your client’s face, then you should definitely become a coach.

How to become a coach?

Just get started! Really that is all there is to it. Firstly, you need to prepare mentally that you are going to dedicate your life to the service of others. On top of that, you will need to have a very well-defined message and solutions for your clients’ problems. Some people say that getting life coach accreditation is vital but here is my take on that.

No one can teach you how to be a coach, it is a very organic process. But, certification is not a bad thing, it can help you get credibility as you start off as a coach. If you do insist on getting certified then do it from an institute that has been approved by the ICF (International Coaches Federation). The best thing that you can learn from certification is to know how a coaching business works.

However, as I am pretty sure you are already aware, there is a fine line between knowing something and actually doing it. It is nice to know how something works, but wouldn’t it better to actually execute your coaching business without wasting your time to know all the technology behind it? If this piques your curiosity then scroll down and checkout my free webinar.

What type of coaching can you do?

Ah, now we get to the meat of the matter. What type of coaching can you do? Chances are that you already know which field of coaching aligns the most with you. In this guide, I am going to show you 11 of the hottest coaching niches. If your inner coach is congruent with any of these then you know what you have to do. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What are the different types of coaching?

Now let’s go through 9 of the hottest coaching niches one by one and see if you fit into any one of them. If you don’t, no need to worry, there are plenty more categories out there.

Life Coaching: Ah, starting with the big one right away! Life coaching is hands down the hottest niche in coaching and for good reason. Life coaches act as catalysts for their clients. No matter where they are stuck at, a life coach will hold your hand and guide you along the way until you reach your destination. If you are a life coach, then there has never been a better time to be alive! People are actively looking for a life coach to come and change their lives. So why are you hiding in your homes? Come out and change these people’s lives!

Wellness Coaching: A wellness coach is in a very interesting position. This is the person between a healthcare professional and a fitness trainer. The idea of a wellness coach is to work with a client and slowly guide them through the obstacles which make them regress into self-destructive and unhealthy behavior.

Confidence Coaching: Are you “that” guy or “that” gal in your group? Are you the kind of person who can go and talk to anyone they want? Are you the kind who has no fear and can do whatever they want whenever they want? Or maybe, better yet, you had crippling insecurity but you battled it and became supremely confident and you can teach others to the same. If this resonates with you, if you have an aura of confidence around you, then you may have found your life’s calling right here.

Business Coaching: This is easily one of the most profitable and hottest coaching niches out there. Do you have a knack of helping people create their own business? Can you help small and big businesses double their profits with your skills and tips? Do you have an entrepreneur inside of you and do you want to share your entrepreneurial knowledge with everyone else? If that’s true then you can definitely become a business coach. The thing about being a business coach is that they are always on demand. So, if you have a proper business and setup in place you will have no shortage of clients.

Career Transition Coaching: Career transition is always tricky for a number of reasons. Usually, people need a lot of adjusting and pre-education before they join their new job. And if it is not that, then people will need someone to help them ace their interviews. It goes without saying that being a career transition coach brings with it a lot of responsibility. You have to understand that these people are literally handing over their careers and professional futures to you. If you welcome that sort of responsibility then this is perfect for you.

Executive Coaching: The corporate world is truly hectic and for those in an executive position they have to be “on” all the time. Usually, executives are so swarmed with work that they don’t get basic executive training. They don’t know how to better lead a team, simple team building exercises and how to get the most out of their team. An executive coach can help these people get the most out of themselves and their team. They can help them get a better work-life balance and to function at optimal levels all the time.

Relationship Coaching: Ah, this is very close to my heart. Before.Coach I was a dating coach and had my own company called “SaiFai Dating”. So, as you may have already figured it out, I know quite a lot about what it takes to be a relationship coach. Do you love helping people who have no idea how they are going to meet their perfect matches? Do you take great pride in making shy people have the courage to and talk to someone of their liking? If you do then you may have a relationship coach hidden inside you.

Personal Development Coaching: The field of “personal development” has come along a long way in the last decade. What used to be a dirty little secret is now a billion dollar industry. So, with people more willing to seek help through books, videos, and coaches, now is the time to be alive if you want to be a personal development coach. Personal development coaching is a lot similar to life coaching in the sense that it involves helping clients get unstuck and making them reach the state that they want to beat.

Sales Coaching: Sales is the driving force behind any industry and company. If you want to measure how a particular industry is doing you just check their sales and that will give you the answer. So, keeping that in mind, it is not really a surprise that so many big companies and salesmen are seeking the help of coaches in this particular area. To be a sales coach you must have a proven track record in the sales industry and also a robust strategy where you can teach anyone the tricks of the trade.

How to coach your clients?

There are two specific ways of coaching your clients:

One-on-one Coaching:: A little over 3 years ago, for every coach who was starting out this was the end all and be all. Coaches believed that the moment they got high ticket one-on-one clients they have made it. The thing is that I used to believe the same thing as well. But for many reasons, that I will talk about in my free webinar (scroll down), I have realised that one-on-one coaching is a dead. In fact, if you are looking to scale then it is an absolute curse.

Group Coaching: Group coaching is where you should be. The advantages that it has over one-on-one is tremendous. Around 80% of the questions and doubts that your clients will have will be similar. On top of that, being part of a group forces them to think of solutions and questions that they may never have thought of if they were not interacting with your group. Plus, it also creates a healthy community and network for your clients.

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