Types of Materials For Patio Cover

Maybe many of you often spend time on the patio of the house, whether it’s just relaxing while enjoying a cocktail or doing other things.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the hot rays of the sun often interfere with our vision.

But you don’t need to worry because this can be overcome by installing a patio cover that will protect your hangout from various disturbances such as the heat of the sun.

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Besides being able to create shade for your patio, several types of patio covers are also designed with attractive shapes and styles, so that they can give your room a distinct impression.

For those of you who want to put on a patio cover, here are some materials for a patio cover that you can use as inspiration to protect and beautify your patio.

1. Wooden Patio Cover

This patio cover made of wood will give a simple and elegant impression.

Patio cover from this material is very suitable for homes that want to highlight the natural side, but still look modern.

This wood material has long been used as a construction material to make a building. Its natural colors and patterns can make your home look more artistic.

Not only that, but wooden patio covers are also known to absorb heat, so this material is perfect for those of you who really want to make your patio cooler.

However, it should be noted that the use of wood as a patio cover certainly requires regular maintenance, maintenance to be weather resistant, and polishing.

2. Patio Cover from Aluminum

The material that can be used for the next patio cover is aluminum.

Patio cover made of aluminum has many advantages.

Both regarding durability, lightness, and flexibility in making the design, this material is indeed superior to other materials.

Aluminum patio covers are resistant to water and high weather conditions, be it harsh, rainy, or humid weather, so they are low maintenance.

Apart from these advantages, aluminum can also be made into various types of colors, designs, and styles according to what we want.

3. Acrylic Patio Cover

Not much difference from aluminum, acrylic patio covers also has many advantages.

These advantages include low maintenance, easy cleaning, and more resistance to damage.

To use this material, you must regularly apply polish or paint so that the acrylic or vinyl does not change color when it is continuously exposed to sunlight.

4. Patio Cover from Glass Material

The type of material that you can use for the last patio cover is glass.

Despite having a fragile material, patio covers from this material tend to have fairly easy maintenance.

You need to make sure the glass is kept clean from dirt.

This material is perfect for those of you who want to relax on the patio without any disturbance, but still want to keep the sun shining into your room.

The sensation of seeing raindrops on this glass patio cover can add a warm impression when gathering with loved ones.

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