Reasons for underground blocked drains

Underground pipelines that are laid years after years are found to face the problems of blocked drains. Common problems in the kitchens and toilets due to blockages are rectified through DIY methods. While in serious blockages it becomes important to contact plumbers to remove the stubborn clogs.

The Main Underground Is Due To The Following Reasons:

Heavy Storms And Rains

Rain causes overflowing of ditches and floods. The large pipelines are sometimes blocked with rainwater when the rivers and ponds overflow due to the flood. Flood water travels with lots of dirt and sewers like plastics, dirt that causes the blocks in the ditches and drains.

Heavy storms take away dirt and dust materials from one place to another along with the water and overflow of water, plastic bottles, packets, and various materials that are responsible to block the drains. 

Damaged Pipes

On long exposure to air and water, the pipes made of metal get damaged easily. Corrosion occurs due to the humidity and air that lead to the formation of rust. Rusts caused in the pipes resulting in damages on metal pipelines, internal and external surfaces of the pipe.

Often hard-hitting of the trunks of the trees on the pipes or the crossing of heavy vehicles over the pipelines lead to the bending of the pipes. The layout and slope of the pipelines are messed up and it create leakages and accumulation of wastewater in the pipes of large diameter.

Paper and glass objects

Most blocked drains are turned to become problematic when the blocks are due to papers and glass pieces or objects. Unless the waste products are cleared the passage or proper flow of water gets blocked. The traps are cleared but the small glass pieces are sometimes difficult to remove and risky as well. 

Water flowing issues

The pipelines of large diameter should always be placed by professional and skilled laborers. The slope of the pipelines is important, if in any case the slope is not properly laid down by proper cut of the soil and laying of the pipes then it may cause severe blocked drains issues. The water accumulation with waste matters is possible in such cases. 

You will find every year the roads and streets are cut for the wrong water and drainage pipe layout and again the pipelines are laid on the soil.

Apart from the major pipeline issues few of the toilet and kitchen pipeline issues are common. If the pipelines are properly cleaned and maintained then the blocked drains problems can be avoided to a large extent.

Let us check the symptoms of the blocked drains:-

It is always said that the ground or lower pipelines never observe clogs, but if anything such happens then it is a sign of severe clogging at the main lines. Check for a day or two if it continues then you should consult a professional plumber who is aware of the layouts and fixtures of the sewer and wastewater lines.

Fixtures are clogged

Waste materials are sometimes collected in the fixtures of the pipelines, large plastic wastes, paper wastes the water pushes back.


Often flowing of wastewater through the traps does not flow easily. Bubbling sounds and bubbles are formed while the water flows down the trap through the pipelines.

In such cases of blocked drains and pipelines, different repairing is possible. While old or traditional drains should be repaired first if not possible then replacement should be considered. Replacement of the pipelines can be difficult tasks for traditional pipes and drains, as the inclination and slopes have to be recalculated while replacements.  Only a professional plumber can do it skillfully.

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