Understand Everything About the Weapons Transit Guide!

Need to transport your firearm somewhere? Know what procedures to follow and how to get the release!

A big question for people who take a firing training is whether or not they can transport their own firearm to the club where they practice shooting, since carrying weapons is expressly prohibited, except for professionals who need this tool in their work activities, such as security guards, police and others.

This is because many people still confuse the term possession of weapons with the so-called transit possession, which in fact are totally different terms that have a big difference in permissions.

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If you are one of the people who have this doubt, be sure to read this article to clarify them and never again make mistakes about the possession of a firearm and AR 15 speed loader board, and permission to transport weapons.

Difference between gun possession and arms transport

These terms, despite having totally different meanings and rights, are still quite confused by people.

Carrying a gun means taking a firearm to the streets without due care to demobilize it, which is expressly prohibited as required by the Disarmament Statute .

The transport of weapons can be allowed in certain situations, provided that the individual follows the procedures indicated by the Federal Police.

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How to transport weapons?

Say you were able to register your firearm legally and want to start a shooting training, is it possible to take it with you to the club? If so, what is the correct way to avoid legal implications?

Yes, you can take it with you as long as you follow some recommendations so that the transport does not carry a gun.

In order to transport weapons, it is necessary to take them out of service and packaged in such a way that the weapon cannot be used immediately, which avoids risks to the individual and third parties.

Another important point is that the permit is valid only for small arms (short), and has an expiration date in addition to delimiting the location.

For this, whoever is transporting the firearm must have some documents such as:

  • Personal documentation
  • Weapons transit guide
  • Weapons registration certificate

To get the weapons transit guide you need:

  • Complete the weapons transit guide application, print it and sign it
  • Specify in the application reason for transport, date and addresses of the places of origin and destination
  • Take personal documents and the certificate of registration of arms
  • Present a document that proves the regularity of the shooting range in which you practice

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