Understanding The Different Types Of Display Refrigerators And Coolers

Display refrigerators or display coolers have become a necessity for both quality controls as well as for food marketing. They help to keep perishable food safe and also chill beverages. These display refrigerators help marketers to present their products in an appealing and convenient way to their customers.

Before buying these refrigerators, it is important to first understand the different types of refrigerators and things to consider before purchasing one.

What are the Different Types of Display Refrigerators?

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There are mainly two types of food display refrigerators and beverage coolers. They are:

  • Food Display Refrigerators – These display refrigerators are used to keep food from spoiling while on display. They come in different types- open, closed, large and small. The common element in all of these is that the food kept inside them is perishable. The main purpose of these display refrigerators is that they are designed to keep food cold.
  • Beverage Coolers – Even though beverages like sodas, beers and canned drinks need not be refrigerated for safety before they are open, but they can be kept inside coolers so that customers can enjoy them when it is chill.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Display Refrigerator And Cooler

There are many options available in regard to display refrigerators and coolers. Some of the important factors to be considered while purchasing one are discussed below:

Size of the Refrigerator/Cooler – The most important factor to be considered while buying a display refrigerator is size. Firstly, you have to decide the content that is to be stored inside and where the cooler is going to be placed in your store. The important thing to note is the cooler should not be too big for the location and it should be near to an electrical outlet and away from heat sources. Ensure that you do not overstock your small refrigerator with many items since air has to circulate around the products.

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Open Or Closed Refrigerator/Cooler – It is found that coolers that are closed are more efficient than ones without doors or lids. Even though open ones are a convenient and good option for beverages, but they may not be able to stay cold enough to keep the products safe.

Self Service or Assistance – Most of the display coolers are designed for customer convenience and are self-serve. There are some display coolers which can be opened only by employees of the store. These are mainly for products which need to be handled before being given to the customer. Self-serve coolers are most commonly used for drinks and packaged items where there is no danger of customers touching the products before they buy it.

If you own a business that changes location quite often, then it is better to choose a refrigerator that is small and also which can be disassembled easily. They are available in different sizes, styles and capacities and they come with some great features like glass windows, LED lighting etc to enhance the look of the food and drinks stored inside.

Whenever you are buying a food display refrigerator, the most important thing to consider is proper temperature. The refrigerator should be able to maintain the required temperature. Humidity is also an important thing to consider. There are some foods that require dry as well as cold storage, so in such cases, you need a refrigerator that can control humidity.

You can buy display refrigerators either directly from a manufacturer or from the online store. A display refrigerator will work properly and last longer if they are used intelligently and in the right way for their design.

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