Understanding the Importance of Domain Authority In 2019

Websites are gauged in terms of quality on the basis of several factors. With the passage of time, these factors have evolved majorly. In the earlier days, keyword density was the key factor on the basis of which a website was rated. The more keywords a website had, the better SEO rank was given to it. This concept has obviously died out and the online buyer of today is much smarter. A website grows at a quick rate if the content is related to the set of expertise and the brand essence has been explained in a proper manner. Webmasters now use website authority checker software to analyze the domain authority of their site.

Domain Authority is one of the most important metric to measure website performance in the present time span. It was introduced by Moz who has a reputed name in the current SEO world. With the passage of time, the website performance measurement parameters have evolved. Currently, domain authority is one of the most prominent parameters used to measure website performance. If a website does not have a good DA rank, it loses on both organic traffic and SEO rank. It is an accepted fact that websites with low DA rank fail to attract enough customers.

Domain Authority is quite different Page Authority

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The Google page authority is not the same as domain authority in any manner. The Google page rank was a powerful factor to measure website performance in the earlier days. However, with the passage of time, the importance of Page Authority has decreased. At the moment, the Domain Authority metric by Moz is considered as a stronger measurement parameter than Page Authority. Websites have a higher DA rank climb up the rank of the SEO results in quick time.

Domain Authority does not have any dependence on Google penalties

The domain authority score is a key parameter to check the performance of a website but it does not depend on the application of Google penalties. Let us go through an example to clarify this fact. Consider that a website has a high DA score but Google has applied penalties on it due to low standard content. In such cases, the rank of the website would fall but the DA rank would not be affected.

Here are some key ways to get a good DA score.


  • Focus on better page loading speed

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How do you feel when you visit a website and it does not load in quick time? It is obvious that you would feel irritated and close the tab. This is the step that most website visitors would take because no one likes to wait. Everyone prefers websites that have a lightning speed for loading. A website can turn into a complete failure if it does not have a good page loading speed irrespective of how well the content has been written. For customers, time is everything. They do not give priority to the technical constraints that a website has. As a customer, you would build the perception that a website has technological deficiencies if the pages take too much time to load.

  • The page loading speed also has a direct relationship with domain authority. In other words, if a website has slow page loading speed, it would have a low DA rank as well.  Similarly, to have a good DA score, you should work on your page loading speed. If your key pages are taking too much time to load, people would not prefer your website. This is because customers look for the best websites that fulfill their needs.
  • If you have low DA score, it may be due to the page loading speed. Compare the page loading speed of your website with your competitors. If your website has a longer time frame for page loading, it may be the reason behind a low DA score. Thus, if you optimize the page loading speed, the DA score of your website would obviously improve.
  • Avoid Non Responsive Links

It is important that all your links are working properly. This simply means that if people visit your website, they should not get any error 404. Error 404 is produced when a web page does not provide a response to the request submitted by the customer. This can happen if a key design of your page is being updated or a complete modification is being done. Broken links must be rectified in an effective manner.

  • To make your website successful, you should think like a customer. This is a helpful option for checking the actual caliber of your website. For instance, what would be your reaction if you visit an ecommerce website to buy something and the “add to cart” feature is not working properly? Most people would avoid using such a website as broken links also portray lack of reliability.
  • In case of DA scores, broken links do take you on the lower side. If some of your links are not working properly, the overall score would go down. Other than that, Google does consider the DA score of a website highly before placing it on the rank list. This simply means that, you would be ranked low on the first page or even beyond the first page.
  • Having broken links is one of the many reasons due to which websites end up with a low DA score. Website owners should perform a regular check of their websites so that if there are any issues with any of the links, the rectification can be done in due course of time.


  • Keep a check on the off page SEO of your website

The importance of off page SEO is high particularly when it is about calculating the DA score. You need to be sure that your website has an overall impressive profile. Here are some points on the basis of which a website profile is analyzed.

  • What kind of backlinks does your website have? Simply having backlinks is not the eventual goal. The backlinks for your website should be related to your category of business otherwise people who view your website can get confused. For example, if you have a smart phone brand, you should have back links from other websites dealing in similar product types.
  • A key part of off page SEO is content quality. Now, this is where you need to concentrate a lot. Today, content quality decides the future of your website. Whether it is DA score, page rank, traffic, organic searches or bounce rate, everything depends on how good or bad the content is. Websites that have substandard content fail to engage the reader and get conversions. The SEO rank of a website also depends on the content standard. Search engines value websites which capture the interest of visitors. As these websites are ranked among the top slots, they get a high count of traffic. Eventually, when a website has several people making a visit regularly, sales volumes rise without any problem.


  • Focusing on On Page SEO

Just like off page SEO is important to get a good DA score; on page SEO has its significance as well. Here are some key aspects that help you in improving the online SEO standard of your website.

  • Today, having an internal linking structure is very important as it provides ease of navigation to the user. With powerful internal links, users are able to move between pages without searching for things. If you want your visitors to get details on your website without unnecessary searching, it would have a good internal linking structure.
  • Use of headings is very important as it gives a well drafted appearance to the content. Readers look for variety and diversification when they are reading content. This becomes much easier when headings are used. By reading a heading, you can decide whether you want to read the content written under or advance to the next heading.
  • Headings help in grabbing attention for key content areas. Consider that you are drafting a services page for your website. If all your services are listed under individual headings, readers would be able to grasp what you offer without reading all the details. People prefer headings as it saves their time.
  • Why would a website get more traffic than its competitor brands when it does not offer anything exclusive to the user? Optimizing visual data is something that most website owners do not do. On the other hand, most people prefer images over text. When they view a suitable product image, they click it to view the details mentioned on the website. Brands that offer this facility to the users surely get more traffic.


The world of SEO changes constantly at a rapid pace and this is what brand owners should understand. Sometime back, domain authority was not counted as a powerful metric but these days, it is an integral factor to weigh a website. Brands that have websites with low DA scores find it quite hard to acquire a high rank. Getting a high DA score is not a tough ask by any means. If your website fulfills all the requirements, it would get a high DA score within no time.

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