Understanding Revetment Wall Construction

The article discusses the construction of revetment walls, which are permanent structures located along the canal frontage of land. These walls are designed to absorb the impact of water and prevent erosion. For example, these walls will protect against waves and current before they can reach the shoreline.

What is a revetment wall?

A revetment wall is a structure used to defend against erosion and flooding. It consists of a layer of large stones or boulders with a slope that is often covered with smaller stones and dirt. The wall is constructed so that at high water levels, water will collect behind it and run off rather than over the top of the wall. By building the wall in this manner, erosion is decreased significantly.

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Revetment Wall Construction

A revetment wall is a type of coastal defense that consists of a wall and earth and rock embankment. The most common revetments consist of sand, rocks, or concrete blocks, or sometimes casks filled with rubble. Revetment wall construction is an important aspect to be considered as they are used to protect the coast from erosion caused by waves.

When to use a revetment wall

The installation of a revetment wall allows an area that has been impacted by water to be constructed over the course of one or two days. A revetment wall can be installed in areas where other types of permanent protection are not an option.

This includes locations where the ground is too unstable, making it impossible for other types of construction to take place, or where any existing buildings could no longer exist after the construction.

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When to use a revetment wall

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Where to install a revetment wall 

A revetment wall is a low wall placed in front of a property to protect it from the impact of falling debris. It’s known for being used by homeowners and property owners to protect newly constructed properties and homes from potential property damage during construction. Construction companies often use them as an added safety precaution, too.

Where does the construction cost come from?

The construction cost for most buildings comes from the building materials. These materials are generally made with concrete, steel, rebar, and mortar. The price of these materials varies depending on how much of it is used in the construction process.

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