Urban Exploration San Diego

Looking for a getaway or a place to explore and feed your eyes with beauty? Then this article is just for you. San Diego is a beautiful city found in California. Situated near the coast, it is famous for its beautiful beaches, warm climate, and amazing parks. It is also known to possess a deep harbor that is home to an aircraft carrier (now a museum).

San Diego Scenic Tours

If you are visiting San Diego for the first time, you will definitely need a guide (a good and experienced one at that) so as to see the incredible sights the city has to offer.

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  • San Diego Whale Watching Cruise: Go on beautiful cruises and watch gigantic aquatic creatures roam the waters.
  • Hop- on Hop- off Trolley: Explore the scenic views of San Diego while on a hop-on hop-off trolley.
  • San Diego Harbor Evening Cruise: Go on evening cruises and feed your eyes with beautiful scenes while enjoying the best of the cocktail.
  • San Diego Night Tours: Discover and explore the sights and sounds of San Diego under the moon lights.
  • San Diego USS Museum Tours: Acquaint yourself with the history of the US navy while enjoying the scenery and sights,

Hotels near Belmont Park

If you are looking for the best hotels near and around Belmont Park, then you need to see this.

  • Bahia Resort Hotel: This hotel exudes pure beauty. It is known for its small beach and beautiful gardens.
  • Catamaran Resort, Spa, and Hotel: This hotel is found on the beautiful coast of California Shores. It also has a quality Spa to raise your spirits. 
  • Paradise Point Resort & Spa: Less than 0.7 miles from Belmont Park lies the highly rated Paradise Point resort, which also has a Spa.
  • Ocean Villa Inn: This hotel offers quality with simplicity. It is found just less than 1.5 miles from Belmont Park.
  • Blue Sea Beach Hotel: Enjoy the luxury you so desire while seeing beautiful sights.

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San Diego to Tijuana Day Trip

Incredibly, taking a couple of steps could send you to a new environment that is a sharp contrast to your initial location. This is the case here. San Diego receives over 35 million tourists yearly, but almost one third of that figure journey from San Diego to Tijuana. The reasons are not far-fetched. Most tourists are concerned about the volatility of the US- Mexico border, while some feel San Diego is safer and are content with where they are. However, taking a trip from San Diego to Tijuana is still fun and exciting. You can explore various means of transporting yourself to your destination. To get to Tijuana, you could take a long walk, use the San Diego trolley or even drive through in your car. It is advisable to travel on foot because it is not far, and you might have to leave your car at the border.

How far is San Diego from LA?

With a distance of just 120 miles, San Diego is closer to Los Angeles than you might think. Los Angeles is known for its entertainment culture and prestige. It is also known as the home of Hollywood, the American movie industry. This section of the article examines different means of travelling from San Diego to Los Angeles.

  • Travel via Air: The California climate offers an almost perfect condition for air travel. Your journey promises to be cool, comfy, and refreshing when you travel by air.
  • Travel by Train: Travelling via train should take between 3-4 hours. You have many options when you travel via train.
  • Travel via Bus: Travelling in a comfy bus could be an amazing experience. You could make short stops and purchase snacks and soft drinks. Some buses also have free Wi-Fi, reclining warm seats, and even 3-point safety belts.

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