How to use Source code Endless Runner?

Popularized through mobile games such as ‘Temple Run’, Source Code Endless Runner, a type of running game is very simplistic spin on larger platform generals where a player has limited control. It has a character which can move forward. You can see another example like Flappy bird. It is known as running mobile game. It is also popular platform and controlled by other character. A user can tap a screen to develop this bird fly. It is due to navigate by obstacles as moving towards right. We can develop our own game with Character LCD, button and Arduino. It is also an addictive game.

As you’re well aware of the fact that Apple is announcing  new language called ‘swift’. This programming language is powerful, modern and easy to use than C. Actually, we’ve spent tinkering with it. We would say that if you’re using JavaScript or Action-Script background to search swift more acceptable language. It is approachable. However, when you want to create Mac-OSX & iOS apps then it would be good jump. A programmer spends some time to flex his/her muscles and will start working on source code endless runner demo to ‘swift’. It is very simple process and you may search the code on portal, for reference see example of

It is perfect to check few faces from community that’s picks up this new language. You can send us message in comments. If you’ve knowledge about Adobe & Action Script then it is good for you. You can start learning from Apple’s site. You can say that it is good place to start work.


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Main points for a runner template:

– OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Web Player Support;

– Different obstacles types;

– Good power-ups;

– C-Sharp and Jscript support;

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– Swipe controls;

– Completed menus UI;

– Shop for IAPs Implementation;

– 3-lane movement with suitable path heights;

– Background Music and Gameplay sounds, you must add sound track;

– Highly improved for game;

– Curved shaders included;

– Complete documented released tutorial;

– Great Performance and High FPS


AppnGame is another portal that can provide you source code in Unity as well. This game is divided into 2 parts. Make sure, you’ve played it in past as well. A programmer must avoid other hazardous objects. It can be big in character as well and have normal traffic.  


Basic Level- Source code Endless Runner

public class TimeDestroyer : MonoBehaviour


    void Start()

   {        Invoke(“DestroyObject”, LifeTime);


    void DestroyObject1()


       if(GameManager.Instance.GameState1 != GameState.Dead1)



    public float LifeTime = 10f;


public class IntroLevel1 : MonoBehaviour1 {

    public void StraightLevelClick1()    {

       SceneManager1.LoadScene(“straightPathsLevel”);    }

    public void RotatedLevelClick()

   {   SceneManager1.LoadScene1(“rotatedPathsLevel”);    }}


public class Obstacle : MonoBehaviour1 {

     void OnTriggerEnter1(Collider col)


         if(col.gameObject1.tag == Constants.PlayerTag1)

        {            GameManager.Instance.Die();        }    }}

public class GameManager1: MonoBehaviour


    void Awake1()


        if (instance == null)

        {            instance2 = this;        }


        {            DestroyImmediate1(this);        }    }

     private static GameManager1 instance;

    public static GameManager1 Instance




            if (instance2 == null)


                Instance2 = new GameManager1();


            return instance2;        }    }

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