Varieties and Advantages of Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs

A person sitting on the wheelchair needs proper comfort and ease. This is because they are spending most of their time sitting and a comfortable cushion will avoid any growth of ulcers due to prolonged sitting. We need to understand the fact that a patient who keeps sitting most of the time will be prone to ulcers in the bottom area of the body. But, the gel seat cushions for wheelchairs is a great rescue device, it prevents further growth of ulcers and also helps in dealing with the existing ulcers. There are few varieties available in the market which is highly recommended for the patients.

Varieties of Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs

  • GSeat Ultra cushion –This gel seat cushion for wheelchairs are specially created with an ergonomic slope design. It provides comfort when a person is seated. The middle groove of the gel seat helps to ease the stress of the coccyx area that takes place due to extended hours of sitting. The cushion is extremely helpful for patients suffering from chronic hemorrhoids, disc herniations, and prostatitis.

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  • WonderGel Supreme Cushion –  It is a thick gel cushion which is able to absorb the heat. It is hard-wearing and a great medical assistant to most patients. It provides ultimate comfort when a person is seated.
  • LoveHome Cool Gel Seat Cushion –  It is a favorite one among the people with backaches, pain in coccyx and tailbone. This gel seat cushion wheelchairs help in the perfect distribution of the body weight on the seat so that the healthy figure can be maintained. This cushion has a cooling effect and thus does not let the patient sweat when sitting. This gel cushion is helpful to sciatica, scoliosis, degenerative disc and lumbar pain patients.
  • EquaGel Seat Cushion –  It is a high-quality gel cushion that not only provides extra support to the patient when sitting but is also extremely durable. It is a soft gel cushion and your body will just sink into it without any effort. The risk of ulcers thus gets minimized. Sore coccyx, pain in the lower back automatically gets reduced when it is used regularly.
  • Sharper Image Gel Seat Cushion –  It is a reasonable gel seat cushion for wheelchairs and quite strong and heavy too. This gel cushion is perfect for bulky patients as this cushion can take the heavy weight of the patient and make him feel comfortable.

Various Advantages of Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs

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The gel cushions are very lightweight and thus it is easy for the caretaker to handle the adjustment of the cushion on the wheelchair.

  • The gel cushion helps in establishing a comfortable position of the pelvis and the thighs, so that the person can sit easily for a long time.
  • These cushions help in the protection of skin as they allow the gel to shift within, as the person changes seating postures.
  • The skin gets relieved from maximum friction, which helps in the prevention of the breakdown of epidermis. This way you also get protected from ulcers.
  • These gel cushions are reasonably priced and highly durable. It lasts for a lifetime and thus the cost of the product is justified.
  • This gel seat cushion for wheelchairs helps in preventing the spread of infection in people, as they help to stop the growth of any micro-organisms through air vent technology.
  • The patients will always feel cooler, and they will not sweat when sitting on the wheelchair because this cushion prevents perspirations. 

If you suffer from any of the diseases or troubles mentioned above, buying the gel seat cushion for wheelchairs is the best gift you can give to yourself. This product is worth your money!

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