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This report was at first posted as a Campus Reform Special.


Campus Reform spoke with Georgetown University (GU) senior and Network for Enlightened Ladies (NeW) chapter president Jessica Costescu, whose anti-communist show was vandalized on Monday.

Costescu’s NeW chapter established up 1,000 purple flags and 6 posters on the Washington, DC, campus to commemorate Victims of Communism Nationwide Memorial Day, which is observed on Nov. 7. Costescu found previously right now that all 6 posters were spray painted with the purple communist hammer and sickle symbol.

Two of the displays experienced read through, “Communism Has No Household Below” and “China: 65 million victims, USSR: 20 million victims.”

Costescu, whose father fled communism in Soviet-era Czechoslovakia, is a Management Institute Campus Ambassador. Campus Reform is a job of the Leadership Institute.

Kate Anderson: [T]oday is the National Day of remembering communism victims, suitable?

Jessica Costescu: [I]t’s the National Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism.

KA: Was this with a unique chapter at Georgetown?

JC: I am the president and co-founder of our network enlightened gals chapter on campus, which is mainly just a club for conservative women of all ages, but this was a co-sponsored function with our Faculty Republicans chapter.

KA: [W]hen ended up your signals place up?

JC: Indeed. So we put all the flags up. The flags are continue to there. And we have six poster boards that we place up commencing at 8 am this early morning, but I would say we probably acquired done all around like 8:30 am in the morning.

KA: [T]he place was to attempt and bring about awareness for what this day signifies for folks, proper?

JC: Indeed. So basically, it was not a political assertion by any means. [W]e termed it just “Communism Kills” to recall and memorialize the victims that died underneath communism and carry on to suffer underneath communism. All of the facts that we experienced and all 6 poster boards both had to do with declaring that present-day the day that we really should be undertaking this and that 1 flag equals 94,360 lives that ended up missing or to communism, or there is one more 1 that just explained you know, that there was 60 million that have died in underneath Chinese communism or like in the USSR, so it was all generally just specifics. It was very little political or partisan. Nothing at all in anyway like that.

KA: [C]an you walk me by way of what transpired from when you 1st found out like, how did you locate out that there was vandalism with these signs and then all the way to seeing them?

JC: I went back again to my dorm, after the function, I went to get breakfast with a large amount of the college students that aided established up the flags and all the things, and then I just went back to my dorm, because I believed that was it. We ended up just likely to decide on up all the flags and every thing else at 6 pm. So the flags are however there. We did not take them out. But one of my pals that just transpired to stroll by the entrance of campus called me all over like 10:30-10:40 and advised me that it appears like anyone had vandalized all six posters and they had spray painted a purple sickle and hammer on every single single 1 of them. Which is ridiculous because at 10:30 in the early morning and at the entrance of Georgetown University it really is extremely occupied, there is certainly several individuals, so this transpired where by many persons had been close to. I’m astonished how no a single else like truly caught on to this, or claimed just about anything, or tried using to stop them, or did not treatment. [I]t’s just crazy when it was so crystal clear that this was merely a memorial and it was absolutely nothing additional than that.

KA: So then when you identified the signals was any one around?

JC: [Y]eah, there have been two girls there but I necessarily mean, I am certain they possibly did not know why I was having…the posters out mainly because it looked like it experienced come to be a pro communism. exhibit. So of system, like I experienced to take all 6 posters out. And there might be like a pair learners that failed to know why I was using them out. They may well have thought that I was the just one that put the spray paint there but I discussed that I was definitely truly discouraged that this had transpired and you know, I didn’t know who did it.

KA: [D]o you have any plan who would have completed it? Is there…a professional communism club on campus? Like is there everyone you form of know that is affiliated with those tips?

JC: No, I you should not think there is certainly any place in me seeking to position a finger to folks that I really don’t have evidence that they did it or not. I know for a truth that we’ve experienced roundtable discussions on Marxism on campus, so I undoubtedly can imagine of people today that are sympathetic to the communist ideology, but I can not level any fingers to any people that did this. But it can be just insane simply because somebody clearly observed it, didn’t like it, went back to their dorm, received a can of pink spray paint simply because no a single seriously carries that on them. They went again and did this in entire look at at 10:30 in the early morning, so the exhibit did not even very last two hrs.

KA: [I]f you did know who they were being, what would be your message to them after they spray painted these signals that are intended to be memorializing precise victims?

JC: I think it can be really, pretty discouraging and sad simply because individually my loved ones fled communism in Jap Europe and my father wished for his upcoming little ones, for me, to have the flexibility to reside in a free of charge nation and to not be concerned of my beliefs. And it is quite unhappy since all of these learners, they go to Georgetown University, which is 1 of the most prestigious universities in the state, and it really is just crazy to me, that you can go to this kind of a university that is meant to be just one of the best in the region. So what are you basically understanding in your history courses? What are you staying taught? If a very simple poster that says that communism kills which it does and carries on to do? How can that enrage you? [I]t does not make any perception. I imagine our universities are just not doing a superior career at all, and that this is clearly authorized to come about mainly because I imply, I can not assume of any conservative ever undertaking some thing like this to one of their memorials, but this takes place to us and it isn’t going to even consider two several hours for it to come about.

KA: Do you program on speaking to the university about it at all?

JC: Completely. I strategy on pursuing all motion necessary to make sure that the college acknowledges that this not only shouldn’t have transpired, but this must not come about in the upcoming. It is not appropriate conduct, simply because they converse all the time that…this is a campus for no cost speech, but it actually is not.

KA: Of course. And just to comply with up on that, was this an occasion that you experienced to have university permission for?

JC: Of course, we acquired all from all sorts of authorization. We had reserved the Healy lawn which is the precise green room in entrance of the university. We reserved the complete thing. [W]e made use of only almost certainly all around 25% of the genuine lawn. We had the university acceptance, we had approval from our Student Routines Commission. From our from sets, which is the campus occasions management so that is how we coordinated it and I went back and forth with them. They desired to make absolutely sure we could have like tables or chairs if we required but it was not just about anything like that. It was just a flag screen. So yeah, we had all sorts of approval. We have been supposed to be there and this was not intended to transpire.

KA: Was there nearly anything else you can imagine of that you desired to point out?

JC: I necessarily mean, just personally, I may or may possibly not have teared up before. Yeah, it can be just simply because it truly is quite own to me. [M]y father fled communism, and he, you know, following he fled, he was caught he was place in a communist labor camp in Czechoslovakia. He was there for two yrs he was overwhelmed, starved, and eventually manufactured it to the US so I could be right here. So it can be, it truly is insane to me that not only could a individual consider in these an ideology, but also have anything in opposition to me for wanting to do a little something awesome for the folks that continue on to endure beneath this and the individuals that misplaced their life to this. It can be just pretty personalized to me, and it is really just very unhappy.

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