Victoria Barbara – Your Shopping Guide To 2020 Summer Fashion Trends

Summer is a time when you want to step out in style. 2020 is a new year when it comes to summer fashion trends and if you wish to dress like celebrities and models, check out the latest summer fashion trends to help you revamp your wardrobe so that you look super cool wherever you go this summer!

Victoria Barbara – Super cool fashion tips to look glamorous this summer 

Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger famous for her high end and street style fashion. She says there are many summer cool fashion trends ideal for all women this year. Some of these stylish and hot trends have been listed below- 

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  • Shorts- Everyone loves a nice pair of comfortable shorts when the weather warms up. However, trendy shorts are the “in” thing this 2020. Bermuda shorts were popular on the major fashion runways this year. The suit-short combination was a really big hit in major fashion shows in Milan, New York, and London. They look good with the oversized blazers and jackets that were another hot trend this year. These Bermuda shorts are oversized and pleated. They are not made of denim, but they are made of slack material overflowing and comfortable in nature. Again, on the opposite side of the spectrum, one saw the emergence of super-tight hot-pants on the ramps this year; however, they are fit for you if you are willing to step out bold this year.
  • Matching separates- These are a hot fashion trend for summer 2020. Though they have been around for some time, they have gradually evolved to become super chic. Puffy sleeves and polka dots are summer favorites for most women, and you will not go wrong with them this year too. They are easy to wear and are like convenient dresses you love to wear during the hot summers. The three-in-one dress you get a complete look, and you do not have to put in the effort when it comes to complimenting different pieces of dresses for a full look. They are flexible, and you can even take a piece from matching separates and pair them with any random dress in your closet. 
  • Colorful leather- This is a brand- new trend that has not popped up even in the last few years. The idea of having colorful leather for summer feels fresh. You can choose pieces with polka dots, puff shoulders, and stripes that are in vogue for 2020. However, here you will not see much in the black. Colorful leather is available in almost all colors, and they carry a vibrant, cheerful vibe with them. The best part of the leather is there is a subtle sheen to it, and with light, you can get a piece that reflects giving you a glamorous appeal.

Victoria Barbara sums up by saying that 2020 summer fashion trends are unique, and there is something for everyone. Choose pieces that complement your body type so that flaws are hidden. When it comes to summer, choose light colors and make sure you team them up with the right matching accessories as well!

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