Video game Pass’ Higher on Lifetime is essentially a person of 2022’s most effective shooters

It’s tempting to create off High on Life as a Justin Roiland-fueled comedic match where by your feeling of it rests solely on no matter if or not his certain brand of comedy lands with you. And whilst which is mostly correct, it glosses more than High on Daily life being one particular of the greatest and most resourceful shooters launched in 2022.

Let us linger on that initially point a minor for a longer time: Large on Lifetime is basically a sport by Justin Roiland. Its tale and gameplay are steeped in his manufacturer of off-shade, absurdist, and self-referential (anti)humor. Roiland voices your sentient gun, so he’s constantly appropriate there in your hand, providing a running commentary. Relying on your tolerance, which is a quite higher barrier to entry. (It is telling that there is a environment where you can transform off his incidental dialogue.)

But, just previous that, there’s a genuinely innovative sport that scratches that first-particular person shooter itch in a calendar year where by shooters didn’t just stand out (with the exception of Metal: Hellsinger, which blended Doom-like mechanics with bespoke metal songs to fantastic impact, and Hyper Demon, which crafted on the agonizing, amazing rigidity of Satan Daggers).

Using High On Life’s Knifey to grapple to a platform above a lake of sludge.

Knifey functions as both of those a melee weapon and a grappling hook.
Image: Squanch Game titles by way of Polygon

Considerably of Large on Lifestyle’s creativeness stems from its traversal selections. Pretty early on, you will choose up Knifey, a homicidal and sentient knife. Knifey is your melee weapon, but he also serves as a grappling hook — much like the best point which is at any time occurred to the Halo collection, the grappleshot. Finding up Knifey lets you journey zip traces and scale formerly unscalable partitions. Each of your guns — aliens referred to as Gatlians — has a identical secondary use.

Your main weapon, Kenny, has a “Glob Shot” that he shoots out of his “trick hole.” In overcome, this acts like a grenade, but it also lets you knock down particular walls to create new paths. The shotgun-like Gus fires Disc Shots that shoot a large Frisbee that ricochets all around the amount to harm enemies. Shoot them at selected partitions, however, and they develop platforms you can climb. The copyright-harmless model of Halo’s Needler, Sweezy, fires a Time Bubble that slows time within its shell — ideal for finding past spinning supporter blades.

Using High On Life’s Gus to shoot a climbable disc into a wall next to a green waterfall.

Gus shoots discs you can climb.
Graphic: Squanch Game titles by way of Polygon

Include to those people the Jetpack and Mag-Boots that let you climb metal partitions, and navigating every single globe and area of Higher on Lifestyle turns into a truly fulfilling action-puzzler shooter.

Irrespective of how you come to feel about Justin Roiland’s humor, or how annoying you believe his operating commentary is, Superior on Lifetime is a superior video game. It is not perfect, mind you. We have run into glitches, clipping problems, and 1 game-breaking bug about 8 several hours in — anything that doesn’t seem to be unusual based on a rapid lookup. Some of those bugs have now been dealt with in a day-a person patch, with a lot more patches to comply with, as a agent for Squanch Video games advised Polygon.

So, sure, Substantial on Lifestyle is an imperfect recreation that really needs you to buy into Roiland’s Rick and Morty design and style of humor to embrace it totally. But if you can endure it, you’re in for a genuinely artistic shooter. (That it is on Xbox Sport Move for cost-free makes that a great deal simpler.)

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